The Netflix Thread


You talking about the pig fucker?




Yeah. I already hate pigs as is, that was just super random and gross


First ep of Altered Carbon is brilliant, make sure you all watch it. Ryu is in it but gets the Ghost in the Shell treatment


Anyone seen the NEW cloverfield movie last night on netflix? Thoughts?

For me…

[details=Spoiler]It was direct to video crap. Good concept, poor execution, and the movie was just a letdown. Any interest it builds in that world it dashes by just not paying any of it off, and just being kinda boring. Build-up with little payoff.

And then there was that ending…wow. It cemented it’s direct to video status.

First off, the monster felt incredibily shoehorned in and out of place. When it was clear this was a movie that had nothing to do with that. 10 Cloverfield lane also had largely nothing to do with the events of the first movie but still did things smarter and didn’t try to force any connections, whilst still throwing us a few tidbits to keep us interested. Secondly, No adult cloverfield monster should be THAT big. It’s like 14 times the size of Godzilla. An embarrassing ending to a so-so movie. [/details]


Dang it’s available to watch already? I saw the trailer said very soon. Didn’t realize that meant immediately. That’s too bad it wasn’t very good. At least the second one had John Goodman.


Have to agree. It had a great premise and start but then it became every single space disaster movie.


It is worth a watch since it has some good actors, and does explain the origins of the first movie.


Dude. No one should watch the first episode of Black Mirror. Didn’t you read the description?
I noped out of that until after I had finished the rest of the S1.
I tell people, don’t watch the first episode. Just skip it. Then they watch it anyway… I watched it too and I am full of regret.

Everything else is fine.

BM Episode 1 is a huge misstep and no one should watch it, even though it’s a somewhat interesting short story if it was released under the right context, e.g. an annual horror short story collection.


“A Futile and Stupid Gesture” was a fantastic docu-drama (more drama than docu) about the roots of National Lampoon.

Comedic, dramatic. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll experience a FOOD FIGHT!


I think a good start is to watch BM is with Season 3 Ep1 Nosedive. It’s a better depiction of what the series is about.


Logged into Netflix last night and saw it up, was about to watch it till i saw the trailer for it …now i am not so sure about that. why they always got to take things in outer space tho lol


I couldn’t finish The Punisher. I made it through 9 episodes, falling asleep in episode 7 and 9. The show is just boring to me and the acting is really bad. My wife finished the last 4 episodes and said it had more action but she said it was still just alright.


That Cloverfield Paradox was mediocre at best…so overhyped.


How does it explain the origins of the first movie?

The cloverfield Monster is from the planet Zeist.


If you dig Black Mirror, you might like Electric Dreams on Amazon Prime. It’s more of a futuristic twilight zone rather than focusing on new technology consequences.


how was it overhyped?! lmfao we all found out an hour before it dropped.


LMAO I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought that.

Geese Pants, you best be trolling :rofl:


Neat name too. A play on Dick’s “Do Android’s Dream of Electric Sheep”

I’ll have to try it out. There’s not the equivalent of a pig fucker episode, right?