The Netflix Thread


So there’s going to be a 4th Cloverfield movie this year, named Overlord which takes place during WW2!!

…World War 2!?
Not 2028 like the recent movie, not in 2008 when the original took place, nor in 2010 as the 2nd one did…


sigh I don’t even know about this franchise!!


…so nobody is watching Altered Carbon? :sad:
It very Blade Runner/Ghost in the Shell with shades of Cowboy Bebop


Someone here mentioned “Black Mirror” on Netflix. And when browsing i picked out a random episode called… U.S.S. Callister…

Wow. I Recommend it… if you want to watch something f’ed up.

Edit: Also Matt Damon…damn. He’s not aging too well. Looks like he’d had some work done also.


Not sure if serious about Matt Damon comment or not…

That’s fake Matt Damon, aka Todd from Breaking Bad.


He will always be Meth Damon to me.


I’m only 5 episodes in but nothing as twisted like pig fucker. Seriously, the rest of Black Mirror isn’t as fucked up and I’ve seen them all.


Wait you aint talking about 10 Cloverlane? cause that was some grade A bullshit. The sequel was meant to touch on how the monster was a kid, and it should be all grown up for round 2 and we all get murked.


WTF? Of course that’s Matt Damon.

Edit: Checks IMDB

Well damn. Dude is like, Matt Damon’s clone. If his clone had down syndrome.


Just came in to shit on Paradox.

WOW, was that awful. The worst part was the inconsistency. So if energy was such an issue within that universe, why was that not mentioned in Cloverfield 1? More importantly, if countries were at the brink of war right when the monsters appear why was the dude going to work in Japan? Wouldn’t you stay put?

It’s just a world of bullshit.


Altered Carbon was enjoyable, but still vaguely disappointing.

Great production, slightly shaky acting, plotting lacked subtlety. Very much so more an action hero thing than a cyber noir or think-piece. Basically about as good as a mid tier Marvel show.

You will see basically every actress naked though, so there’s that.


The police chick having fake tits bummed me out.


Just finished Paradox and sadly it’s as shit as everybody makes out, no titanic monsters just a bunch of scientity peeps acting like nothing you would expect. I don’t get the need to push exaggerated human drama down our throats when we only tuning in to see some Alien Godzilla wreck shit. Like non of the story made sense either. Surely a crisis like that would have at least warranted a lunar base or maybe even just more than a handful of dudes and a token chinese chick.


That “token Chinese chick” was the always sexy Zhang Ziyi. I haven’t seen her in a movie since she got married all those years ago.

But yeah, Paradox was so silly. It tanked the entire series for me.


By the sounds of it, it would make more sense it being a sequel to 10 Cloverfield Lane


I wouldn’t say it “tanked the entire series”. Every Alien movie has been garbage since part 2 but, the first two are still held in high regard. The first two Cloverfield movies are still great.

Paradox is definitely forgettable crap though. Speaking of the Alien series, with the release of Paradox, we have yet another promising trilogy that was going strong until the 3rd movie showed up and wrecked everything.


Well duh everybody knows that lol, as soon as she showed up I was like’ oh shit’ its the Geisha! Not counting her most famous role, to us, is crouching dragon hidden penis. Hell, at best it was a nostalgic cameo cause the rest of the movie was grade A bullshit. Hell, the scenes on earth i recently learned, were reshot cause test audiences actually asked for monsters, they did not give the slightest of fucks of what went on on the station, both of the good scenes were made after the movie was wrapped up lol.


On a different note, catching up with Alterned Carbon, show is really decent, fuck Yaya Han and her twitter storm, this movie is really some good cyber punk.


Watched The Ritual 2017 today, went in with no high expectations and I was rly surprised by how good this movie was.
The pace at how the tense was building up was paced rly well.
No cheap jump scares, just the overall movie atmosphere made this so creepy and scary to watch.
I highly recommend this movie to any horror fan.


I don’t have a twitter, nor do I want one. Whatever she says is free traction for the show. These struggle issues are a means to an end, presumingly, to get a more diverse viewership demographic. It’s lazy but it’s probably working.

The resolution in Altered Carbon was worth it, to say the least. The quote at the end was a simple but poetic touch. I wish they did more with the AI Hotel guy. He’s easily the most compelling character.


Finished Altered Carbon last night. It was enjoyable, but it was mostly because of the world/setting, and not necessarily the plot as I thought it was kind of weak.