The Netflix Thread


Anyone watched 13 Reasons Why? I only just finished S1 and I’m gonna pass on S2.

[spoiler]I get the overall message it’s trying to send out, but the show’s characters and the way high school is portrayed was way too over the top imo. Bullying sucks, but the show didn’t do anything to make me sympathize with Hannah. So overall I think the show is kind of garbage.

Also… is this really how white parents are? God damn yall need help[/spoiler]

No wonder the show got so much backlash. It touches on bullying/suicide, but after watching it all, u realize the main girl was just an attention whore.


The show is pretty much full of itself and the narrative starts walking back on itself to accommodate the “message” it supposedly tries to get across. Season 2 is very weak, I suggest you give it a pass.


Watched 1922 the other day and maaan that ish spooked the shit out of me. Rats+old ass well=top tier horror shenanigans.
Anyone have any recommendation for shows similar to Stranger Things? I tried getting into the 3% but I couldn’t stand the subtitle.


Stranger things has really carved out a niche for itself that other shows would have trouble trying to fit into. The whole structure of the show and the scope of it’s narrative is really well done.

For something different, I highly recommend “Counterpart” as I had finished it recently. The premise is alright for a sci-fi-slash-drama show (almost similar to how Looper was handled in terms of exposition of the sci-fi parts).

JK Simmons and the rest of the cast deliver top notch performances and the narrative is pretty tight. Give it a go homie.


This just in

Getting hype for the fall TV season!


Yeh first season was surprisingly good overall.


Bojack Horseman is coming back on September 15th, for anyone who cares (I say that because everyone that I’ve tried to talk about that show to doesn’t give a damn about it despite how good it is).


Got to season 3, but there’s so much good shit on Netflix that I put the rest of the season on the backburner.


I don’t blame you, but at least you made it that far.


YO! If you liked Making a Murder, make sure you watch The Staircase.

Holy fuck! I hope I never need a lawyer

P.S don’t Google it, as there as bunch f’ing spoilers at the top of the search results


Bojack is one of the Netflix originals that has yet to disappoint me going from season to season.

and the Chicken 4 Dayz “ad” is random awesomeness




Ran across this He-man and the Masters of the Universe documentary on Netflix:


It seems like the amount of Netflix original content has exploded. How much of it is actually worth a damn is the question?


I usually go with subject matter or genre. If something seems interesting to me, I just start watching it or make sure to check it out when I get the chance to binge. I don’t even look at a lot of reviews online since some of them are kinda tedious and/or bias. Go with your gut homie.


Netflix scrapped the user reviews anyway. Usually I just go one or two eps. I did that with Stranger Things. I got 3eps deep and honestly didn’t care for it.


Because stranger things is over hyped garbage


Yeah, it’s not for everybody and there are better written series out there. I get your point that not everything Netflix has going on right now is top quality; some of the shows/movies are serviceable but you might as well watch something if you have the subscription already.

I usually go for documentaries and the odd animated short sometimes to mix it up.


Finished watching Ozark the other night; holy shit that series is non-stop adrenaline suburban shenanigan. Jason Bateman was amazing. Highly recommend if you are into Breaking Bad. :+1::+1:


I watched the first episode and loved it. I just hope it doesn’t end like Bloodline.