The Netflix Thread


Season 2 comes out this week!


Word? I thought it ended with the last eps. I hope season 2 will be just as awesome; who knew redneck country would make an awesome backdrop. I freak out on those intro icon since that ish usually plays out really bad.


It looks like it’s got potential.


He finally got that…


Was the BossLogic poster inspired by rumours of Cavil running for it or did he get Cavil the job? lol


Damn, Bosslogic is about to get a lot of work come his way. :+1:


I couldn’t agree more.


A witch’s 16th birthday is very special.
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina tells the story of Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka), a half-witch half-mortal teenage girl. She’s been waiting her whole life for her 16th birthday, but something wicked this way comes, forcing her to choose between the path of light and the path of night. A Netflix Original Series from the makers of Riverdale. CAOS arrives October 26th

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is a six-part Western anthology film, a series of tales about the American frontier told through the unique and incomparable voice of Joel and Ethan Coen. Each chapter tells a distinct story about the American West.

Netflix soon…


The plot for IF season 2 is just forced and bad …

Why the fuck is Colleen training Danny ???


Danny let’s his emotions rule him, which leads him to make poor decisions.

Marvel TV thread - Marvel's Netflix Universe: Jessica Jones [Season 3 March 8th]


YoOo Ozark season 2 is hype af; the show still got it and it just keeps spiraling out of control.


I finished American Vandal S2 and while I don’t think it’s as great as S1 (mostly comes down to characters and their chemistry together), I still heavily enjoyed it. Can’t really say much without spoilers. All I can say is that S1 and S2 have nothing to do with each other besides the 2 “main” characters.

If you’ve never watched American Vandal I suggest giving it a shot. I know the premise is pretty juvenile (who drew the dicks on the teacher’s cars), but once you look over that it’s a damn good mockumentary.


Didn’t expect that…


So y’all think Seven Seconds in going to get a second season now?


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina trailer…


House of Cards season 6 trailer…


Haven’t even watched Season 5 LOL.

Anyone watched S2 of The Big Mouth. I thought they couldn’t out do themselves . . . . . guess I was wrong LOL.


In time for the holidays…



Geralt got his female leads…