The Netflix Thread


Almost finished with The Haunting of Hill House. Think horror series but with deep character development and complexity. Lots of story telling and drama.


started the dragon prince. if your a fan of the last airbender, highly recommend. Wasnt too keen on the animation style but story and characters sold me.


Way better than Kora


So they are cancelling Luke Cage

Hollywood Reporter

So either they are going in on the Heroes for Hire or Marvel Netflix really is closing shop.


Quincy Trailer…


Marvel starting up their own streaming network, so fingers crossed that it’s only cancelled for Netflix, don’t really care what happens to Iron Fist.


marvel isnt starting a streaming service…disney is. rated r stuff is moving to hulu


Show sucked after Cottonmouth. Nothing of value was lost.


Hello Geralt…


With some grey stubble he will look great, at the moment I’ve seen better Halloween costumes.


That Geralt is fucking awful looking


Looks likes Daenery’s older brother, the later years. Has the same smugged douchey look.


Well okay…


What the hell happened to Castlevania, I’m 5 episodes into season 2 and it is utter trash.


When did Geralt take an axe to the chin?


what the fuck?

Iron Fist and Luke Cage I can understand, but this?



This is an actual surprise.

Do you think Marvel is looking to up their movie game, after washing the Affleck cockup out for three seasons?


Disney prolly trynna get all their shit on their streaming network…i hope


The writing has been on the wall for the entire Netflix marvel universe ever since they announced Disney+. This isn’t even remotely surprising.


Yeah this is Disney and Netflix both trying to make money. Netflix is trying to cut costs due to their insane spending on original content they do not fully own. Disney is about bringing all their properties under one umbrella so they have full control. Daredevil is especially a well known and attractive property.