The Netflix Thread


I need to finish up godless and start up Bodyguard on Netflix.


What’s this I hear about Disney not havin R-rated content on its streaming service? Or is that just rumors?


That’s a rumour, they own Hulu so anything R-rated should go there right??


That is what early reports say, but all that means as Don_Barracuda states, they can ship their more mature stuff to Hulu, which they partially own, or just straight up down play all non movie mature content works they have so it will be able to land on the platform.


New Ultraman series coming to Netflix in 2019.


The Umbrella Academy teaser…


@Geese_Pants I was just coming here to post that. I fucking loved the umbrella academy comics. That said, I don’t know how to feel about this trailer. It doesn’t look bad but I am seriously suspect about it as well.

February is only a few months away. We’ll see


Fucking Netflix just ruined Saint Seiya for everyone… All the years waiting for this garbage.


Triple Frontier trailer…


I don’t care about switching up the gender of one character like Andromeda, my issue is that it is using CG animation like to many Netflix animations.




Just finished the choose your own adventure Black Mirror Bandersnatch and got the 5/5 stars ending. Pretty interesting take on watching a show that interacts with the audience.


Lol this movie is fun but i kept trying to go the most same route and netflix was like fuck no son.


Finally got around to seeing DareDevil season 3. Wow. I was skeptical but, the show is still great.


Polar trailer…or Mads THE BEAST!!


John Wick crossover please.


Velvet Buzzsaw trailer…


Used to watch Unsolved Mysteries as a kid…hopes it lives up well.


It prob wont. The internet ruined this kinda stuff


The Umbrella Academy trailer…