The Netflix Thread


New Ultraman trailer…


Netflix is raising my current plan by $2 next month.

Considering just dropping it…a lot of the shows/movies I got Netflix for are gone.

Still…it has enough original content to look forward to.


If $2 raise breaks the bank you need to re-evaluate shit imo.

I don’t think I’ve used Netflix since Aggretsuko was first uploaded whenever it was last year. I keep meaning to cancel it but I haven’t out of sure laziness and/or I just keep forgetting until I’m already billed for that month.


I can understand Geeses feelings.
Many of the shows I liked/watched have ended or been cancelled in recent months.

Other than Bojack Horseman and the DC CW shows, there’s not a lot left. Hope they get some new hits.


Been catching up on marvel content. Had only watched Jessica Jones S1 until a few months ago. Daredevil/Punisher is good




After Life is really good. I’m slightly biased maybe because I love Ricky Gervais but like…it’s really good.


lost in space was amazing after the 1st couple boring episodes. dr smith IS that show. without her its not that great.


the story writing around here was just horrible.


Parker Posey is fucking great.


The order is trash… Straight up cw trash. And that’s why I’m binging the fuck outta of it.


Catching up on Marvel CU movies. Currently watching Thor: Ragnarok. So many LOL moments in this film.


Netflix cancelled One Day at a Time due to low viewership.


one day at a time or once upon a time?


The best part about it is when they announced on fb they said it was because of “rapid declining viewership” but then at the end of the post said “but the overwhelming love and support this show has gotten makes us want to continue the series somehow.”

Maybe just don’t cancel it?


ah i see. wasnt there a tv show from the 80s with that title?


Yes. This was a Netflix reboot.


Is it me or Netflix has been really pandering to the SJWs now. Some stuff is very forced.





Netflix like a lot of companies seem to be preparing for a drop off in the economy, seems more and more companies outside of a few with godlike money trying to move branches into other industries like Google and Disney have started to take measures to cut down on spending.