The Netflix Thread


It wanted to dominate all life on earth, it also kinda was terraforming the town so who knows, S3 might have the mindflayer come in again with a bigger army or some soviet shenagians as they catch wind of the upside down and start their own sci experiments, there are kids out there with abilities just waiting to get captured.


steve with a bat is MVP this season lolol


Steve still got rekt by Billy tho.


id like to know what are the limits to the kids powers. will they grow as they grow?


Up to eps 4 so far of Stranger Things so far. Holy fffuuccckk, dem nostalgia feels is too stronk! When they went to the arcades…


Billy hit Steve with that Raz0r style sneak attack.


Super effective!


I figured it was going to happen amid the whole Spacey harassment deal…


house of cards any good? It’s in my list.


Its ok, like its a good watch but each season is kinda its own bag, its consistently good but doesnt get any better, actually after S1 it kinda plateaus


IMO the first 2 seasons were great. 3 was bad. 4/5 are ok.

It is a political drama and relies on backstabbing and wheeling/dealing.
It is very dialogue centric ie dont expect action scenes or cool flashy special fx.
Spacey and Wright give great performances.
I’m not a political expert so I cant comment on its accuracy.

The recent seasons seem more outright soap opera esque than earlier ones,but are generally watchable

Overall Id give it a 7.5/10.


I wouldnt bother with house of cards no more

all credits go to @thurst.


Fake news! They’ve halted production due to the allegations, they had already planned to end after season 6.

Stranger Things season 2 was dope.

Nancy’s mom though


nancy’s mom was about to get stifflered.


I so want to see Billy get mindrekt by 11!!!

Or have Will’s brother unleash his pent up rage and stomp him!!


Man you know she ran back to the bath to flick the bean after he left. Just finished S2 with all the lvling up of everyone i wonder will they hit the 90’s or ride out the rest of the 80’? Heard they had at least 5 seasons in mind so bring it on!!!


It’d be cool if they just progress a year each season so the actors age at the same rate as the show.


billys audition tape is kinda weird and by kinda i mean really weird


Update on House of Cards. Netflix has cut ties with Spacey due to more allegations surfacing (him hiding in rehab makes sense now), Netflix won’t be distributing his new project either.

They want to continue production of House of Cards, so it looks like they’re probably going to have to kill off Spacey’s character which is actually fortunate because of how the last season ended.


Don’t watch anime anymore.

Happy I decided to watch One Punch.

Great parody of all of those troped up animes I watched as a child.