The Netflix Thread


Currently watching Stephen Kings 1922. It’s an interesting movie so far but man the main characters accent is so thick I need subtitles.


That shit made fun of marvel and dc as well as bond villains. Lmfao


I watched Brad Pitt’s War Machine, did it really need to be so heavily narrated. 3/7


Interesting move…


A super dark Sabrina The Teenage Witch??


If you guys like Stranger Things, check out Channel Zero.

Mindhunter was great. I can’t wait til the 2nd season.

I almost gave up on Marvel when Iron Fist and Defenders came out, both so cringy. Punisher seemed to redeem that franchise. I can only handle so much Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, both of which were mediocre.


i dunno about super dark…was riverdale dark. but also means its cheesy trash perfect tv lol


I liked 1922, but I loved the other movie with the woman tied in bed when her husband has a heart attack.


Netflix needs a shuffle feature. I shouldn’t have to decide what to watch, I just want veto power =/


This is a lifesaver

This is an actual real site


Godless on Netflix, best miniseries in the history of TV? Holee shit what a show. Like god damn am not about the ole cowboys and indians carryon but wow that was one hella a watch. Very well made and very well played.


Yeh great show. Did you spot Donald Cerrone?

I want to marry that actress that played the German

BTW Jean Claude’s new show starts airing on Amazon Dec 15th.


Coming soon! I


Good move…


missed the Cerrone cameo lol, i binged the whole show practically.


godless looks like the country version of y the last man


I dunno about that man, but in a gist without spoilers, its basically about Darksied and Orion. And its incredibly good.


House of cards without Spacey? Pass.


Looking forward to how the final season plays out for House of Cards.


Who else is counting down the days until Black Mirror season 4?