The Netflix Thread


Did they finally announce a release date? That seems more mysterious than the show itself.

I just finished the 1st season of the sci-fi Dark, the german version of Back to the Future, except it’s literally dark and suspenseful. Apparently, the audio dub guy and subtitles clerk missed the meeting and decided to work silo.


december 29


Just watched The Foreigner, f’ing awesome. Jackie and Pearce on top form, a must watch!


just go into it not thinking its a jackie chan movie…and think more taken co-starring jackie chan


Yeah foreigner was way better than I expected. I totally recommend it.


This is the kind of movie Jacky has been making since New Police Story and honestly can’t blame him cause his body is totally fucked plus now he’s an evil communist.


has anyone heard of this obscure show called “Strange Thing”? It’s pretty good


how have you made 22 posts within 3 hrs?


There’s a lot of good banter to jump in on here


I mean, Godless was pretty good, but it’s nowhere near the GOAT miniseries level with shit like Band of Brothers.


finally a serious jackie chan movie
I actually prefer these kind of jackie movies over the comedy ones, def. gonna check it out ASAP


I was going to come in here & recommend Godless but looks like crucades already recommended it! Man that was fucking amazing! Loved it!


Hate Spacey or wtvr but there’s no house of cards without him.


Pretty much, might as well just cancel the fucking show. Last season is going to be fucking awful.


Last season’s focus was moving away from Frank anyway, it won’t be a jarring change.

Anybody watched Bright?


I watched Bright last night. It wasn’t perfect, but much better than reviews would lead you to believe.

I won’t say much else. Decent 6.5-7/10, worth watching.


If they just didn’t advertise the shit out of Bright, it would have been decent.

I hate their full page video and audio ad that I have to scroll past. Makes me want to turn on ublock and make a rule.


I agree with this. Movie was as interesting as I expected. Its not gonna completely wow you or anything but I believe its at least worth a once watch. The world introduced has some potential.


brights a fun movie summer type movie. the kind where you dont need to think. the social commentary was a bit heavyhanded…like i get it…its about race n shit. calm down and explain who the fuck the dark lord is.


Hw many times did Will say one of the following:



I gotta get me one of dese!