The Netflix Thread


lol he gott hit all the will smith tropes


ugh the rap music videos :barf:


Watched Bright and currently bingieing Godless!!
Thank you SRK forums, for the Christmas gift!!

Both are amazing!!


I liked Bright well enought…it has its problems but i would say is a good movie…around 7/10

I guess i agree with some critics that the action escene are a little confusing…they are not full 00’s shaky cam disaster…but too many cuts


What a waste of Naomi Rapace

The fairy scene…was just…why?..i hated that so much


I enjoyed Bright, I think anyone who is a fan of Will Smith at least will like it. Next up: Black Mirror season 4!


i assume they got money by music studios for the videos on netflix.


ive never once in my life used netflix. been thinking about getting it. how much is the subscription? im just into movies. not really tv shows.


$7.99…$10.99…or $13.99.
Per month.


We have the medium “streaming only” plan which is 2 HD screens for approx $11 per month.
There are no ads and it is convenient if you have multiple screens (tv,phone,tablet)

IMO Netflix is better for watching full seasons of shows that are on basic cable or broadcast networks along with original shows like House of Cards, Orange is the new black, and all the Marvel live shows which include Daredevil, Jessica Jones,Luke Cage,Punisher, and Defenders.(iron fist sucks lol)
They have some showtime programs, but nothing from other "premium movie channels"like HBO, Cinemax etc.

While they have some current Hollywood hits, (like Dr Strange civil War, ), chances are the movie you want to find will not be on there.
OR if it is, it will be added or removed at random. Many of the movies that are marked as new are really old ones that have returned to their service after being taken down.
I would not get Netflix for the movie section unless you like older stuff ,documentaries, or foreign stuff.


bright was very serviceable as a buddy cop/action movie.
dialogue was okay and the characterizations were very basic, kinda like an rpg which is the point I guess.
I actually liked Jakoby as a character better than I did Ward (Will Smith is just channeling Will Smith from every other movie he made).
the plot was thin and not explained well and I concur that the social commentary was pretty heavy-handed.

since it’s getting a sequel, I’m looking forward to seeing the Dark Lord sub-plot getting explained along with some development of the characters.
7/10 for me.


im curious how netflix tells if something is doing good. its a very word of mouth based program, so if you say something good or bad people will wanna check it out. But for something like a movie…how do you determine if its a good thing? based on social media response? at least with a tv show people will stop watching episodes, but even then it can work in peoples favors ie.iron fist.


Idc what critics say, Bright was solid. Hope they make another. Orc cop was great


black mirror is back


Bright was decent until the end, the last 3rd of the movie just felt disconnected from the rest of the movie. I also hate it when movies can’t decide when to end.

I watched the first ep of Black Mirror, good ep but nothing grabbed me like previous seasons yet (felt like we’ve been here before) but still only 1 ep in. Great casting though :lol:


Probably by how many views it gets and user ratings. I usually rate stuff with the “star” thingy after i see it. If the views on something is low, or the user ratings are low, they’ll know it kinda sucks.


its not a star system anymore, its thumbs up or down…you arent allowed to have a middle ground anymore.


dave chappelle’s specials are out


This The Sinner show is some dookie. Bitch stabs some random guy to death on the beach, cue 8 episodes of Bill Pullman diving into her personal history of growing up in a strict Jesus camp household and promptly turning into the gangbang girl. Yea that excuses her.

Stay away lads, some treacherous SJW ladden waters abound.

New Black Mirror is out, gunna check it.

Edit: saw Bright when it came out, thought it was really decent lol.


Just watched the first episode of The Get Down. That shit is great!


Black Mirror was brilliant, might be the best season so far.

I’m getting soft in my old age, Hang the DJ was my favourite ep, Metalhead being the scariest vision of the future.


Black Mirror universe is connected, in Black Museum the owner references season 3’s San Junipero episode and you see devices DNA extractor device from the USS Callister ep