The Neutral game: How can I improve/practice effectively without building bad habits?


Not sure if this should go to the UMVC3 boards since this is about that game, but here goes…

UMVC3 is the first traditional Fighter I’ve ever played (I don’t count smash as traditional), and am a disaster at the game ATM.

As I’m playing the game more and more, I’m noticing that I am no good at all at approaching things or dealing with the type of pressure that happens in this game.
I find myself getting either stuck in the corner taking way too much chip damage, or getting locked in blocking things while my opponent dashes/rolls/etc. behind me and pokes through my blocking. Even though I’m better at seeing those things coming than I was when I first played the game in the summer, I find myself unable to punish/react properly after avoiding the setups, if I’m able to do so cleanly at all…

How would I go about practicing things such as creating openings, punishing after blocking at the proper times, approaching, and so on?
I’m weary about using the Computer player for this due to fear of building terrible habits, which is what happened back when I played Melee years ago, not like I see the computer player playing like humans do anyway.

Despite me getting defeated 8/10 matches online, I’m not giving up.
Team I’m committed to using is Nova/Frank/Ammy if it matters.


When playing, don’t play for the win. Focus on one of the things you want to improve in each match you play.


In UMVC3 I would go into training mode against a zero may cry team weasel shot or jam session/rapid slash. Hardest difficulty and refill life bars (don’t give unlimited hyper as the AI tends to just spam supers). Just work on getting in and starting a combo. If you get hit on your approach go all the way back to the other side of the screen and start again. It will help you look for assist calls and knowing what attacks of yours are best for getting around large hitboxes like Zero. Don’t pay attention to what combos they are doing etc. Just get in, land a few hits and reset.