The New 209 Thread!

FIRST OFF: MODERATORS, PLEASE READ: Please close the other Stockton thread before closing this one. The other one is full of nothing but Trolls, Bitching, Fighting, etc, etc, etc…

Anybody who lives in the 209 area code - Stockton, Lodi, Modesto, Manteca, Riverbank, Etc, etc…

This is a new thread for the people who actually wanna play, and get down in some games and have a good one. =]

So if you plan on coming in here and hating allday, or trolling, or just trying to be a dick, plz get the fuck out.

Everyone is welcome to post here, except one person, and I think we all know who that is…


So by all means, let’s get this crackin!!!

Right now, it seems the main games are SF4, MVC2, T6, and COD:MW2.

slap slap slap slap!!!

lets get an sf4 session. is there a place to play like grapevine or something?

No, But once I get my cab up and running ima reopen the rapevine. So Im thinking about buying this one and then upgrading when the time comes.


Sorry. Just had to christen this new thread with one of those.

Aww what happened to Rancho San Miguel?

People best believe, Stockton is going to change in 2010.

Me and my buddy are always looking for a place to play SF4 and HDR.

I’ll add you on live, I have an account there.

Handle that shit

Thats what the new thread was supposed to be called.

thanks bud! sorry about NCR, but right now me and few other players here from Stockton gotta re-create our scene out here first. =]

sorry guys, but i felt the new 209 thread would be best fitting since… well… we wanna open our doors to ALL the players in the 209, not just stockton. maybe we can have some friendly rivalrys? who knows. lol

i may be from the 831, and i rep it to the bottom of my heart. but… i am 209 now, i got great homies from the 209 and well… i personally believe that out here, we got some hitters. =D

so hell yeah, i’m reppin’ 209 stockton in this gaming. =]

btw SNAKE!!!, my boy got connects on some shrooms and if you tryna get down then YEE!!!

ay fellas, who’s down to maybe one day get some gaming in, blow some trees and then hit up a bar like the grad or winchesters???

snake, i think i could get you in. if not… you know i go wherever yougo buddy! YEE!!!

edit: i hope this thread can also bring out the players I KNOW FOR FACT play in Lodi, Manteca, and Modesto, but got a bad impression from the stockton thread. again, we’re all gamers by heart, and alot of yes, we come from the streets and have ghetto mentalitys, but let’s seriously just put our passion for gamings together and just play!!!

we’ll never have an’ arcade again, or at least anytime soon, but we’ll forsure have a crackin’ ass scene up and going!!!

There’ll be an arcade :smiley:

korngo hit me up.
or no jobby no jobby nojobby, nojobby.
crew is already working to prepare the first grand prize for the first invitiational.
something tells me you’d rather be here.

were days away from being live.
‘just gimmie a call nigga’.

whats up guys im a lodi player and i know some more people in lodi and we’d love to get together with some other players and get better. maybe next time there is a norcal cal regional it will actually be in norcal, not north socal lol.

You can build for cheaper and much better.

Yea I keep hearing that, But I honestly dont care about having the best. Just want a decent gaming PC. I can always upgrade anyway. BUT, What do you suggest? Ima be buying one sometime in january.
And I work out in lodi, I host gatherings on wednesdays, But its not really SF4 anymore. SF4 isnt allowed at my house :3 Once I get the cab from ty ima set up a computer in it and run 3s and older games off it.

oh well i only play for so that kinda sucks. let me know if any one wants to hook up. just send me a message. and we mainly play sf4.

Sorry for ditchin’ out on some Rapevine casuals last week. Been hella busy all weekend (includin’ Thanksgivin’) movin’ my shit to my new home on Bianchi. I’m down for whatever next Wednesday, even if it’s a trip to SVGL. I wanna spend hella money on that DJ Max Technika.

Anyways, here’s my contribution to the newest 209 thread. DAT LEAH DIZON.

me and some buddy’s play in manteca everyday, we were thinking about setting up some games… we didn’t know there were any players in the area (lodi, stockton, modesto, ripon) that were decent. We play SF4, SF2, HDR, and we’re always down to try something new. Anyone interested in some get togethers in manteca??

No because manteca is gay. Just come out here on wednesdays and bring some monitors if you want.