The new Alt is BAAAAAD!

so what did they do…

he got his hair back
they used the eyepatch from alt 1
they gave him adon’s crown (sorry, i don’t know the real name for it)
used original outfit for the rest

here is what they should have done, if they wanted to make look sagat younger with hair …

  1. give him back his right eye
  2. remove scar
  3. give him traditional mu-thai clothes like tong po had in the kickboxer

Yep, it’s pretty terrible. Capcom must hate The King or something.

Agree its one of the worse alt’s next to dan’s mask alt. I will not purchase.


Exactly what I said from the getgo
They really messed this one up!

it’s craptacular! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sagat easily has some or the worst alts in the game, 1 and 3 leave a lot to be desired!

Alt 2 is cool at least though.

yea its terrible…the hair looks ridiculous. But…they had to do a muay thai “crown” eventually…

shadowloo pack is worth it for rog n bison still

Yo, black Gat looks pretty hard to me. But yeah, color 9 and 10 is about it, haha

Come on now it aint like capcom really try with their alts now is it.

I don’t mind the alt where he’s all grey. He looks like a statue, which he more or less is.

For some reason my lumbering moves seem like they have more emphasis when it’s a granite Sagat.

Otherwise yea, it’s pretty bad.

im probably the only one in this, but i think alt 1 is the coolest. agreed alt 3 is garbage, bison and rog’s outfits make up for the costume pack though.

Alt 2 is by far gats best i love it id like to see the vanilla custom alt where he has a back beard now that looked awsome and id give him shorts like what mma fighters use and maybe the scar on his chest could be bleeding slightly.

Always bett on Black Sagat FTW.

I’m loving the black shorts, red trim, dark skin. Be cool if he didn’t have the patch though.

i would have to say that i only dig the 2 grey ones other then that alt 3 sucks i like alt 2 tho.
i woulda loved seeing sagat in a suit imagine how tough he’d look

Dear god yes! Sagat in a suit would be pure awesome.

Original Costume= Classic Bad ass, truly makes Sagat look like a hulking opponent, so much muscle lol

Alternate 1= Very good alternate, new eye patch, full pants, probably training pants lol

Alternate 2= Best one, hands down, EPIC eye patch/ head band

Alternate 3= Lazy cash grabbing cock suckers.

LOL @ cash grabbing cock suckers thats gold!

Im rare like sagat with hair