The New Angle Dojo - "Guide to playing DiveKick"


In this thread I’ll just give a simple explanation on how to play this game.

You can play this game with any controller that’s compatible with the hardware you’re using as long as it has two buttons which can be registered as the “Dive” and “Kick” buttons. You can do this at anytime within a menu by holding down two buttons on your controller, a prompt will then ask you to first set your Dive button and then Kick button ending with a confirmation.

After that the buttons you have assigned will be shown on the screen as your selected controls for navigating the menu and playing the game.

Ingame controls are as follows:

Press the “Dive” button to jump into the air.

Press the “Kick” button while in the air to quickly descend with an aerial attack.

You can also press the “Kick” button while on the ground to jump backwards (aka: “Kickback”) to retreat or create proper spacing for a counter attack.

Many characters have their own special trait that they can activate by pressing both the Dive and Kick button simultaneously.

The special abilities are utilized by consuming the kick meter. You can build your kick meter by performing dive kicks, and each character builds it at different rates. When your meter is full your character will go into a state called “kick factor”. This mode greatly enhances both your speed and maximum jump height making you more effective at landing dive kicks. This mode will carry over to the next round and stay active until your kick meter depletes or you get dive kicked.

You can also passively increase your jump height, kick speed, and meter gain by selecting a gem before the start of the match. There are currently 4, 3 of which increase “Dive”, “Kick”, and “Style” (meter gain) respectively by 10%. The 4th gem increases all three traits at once by 30% but it will cause you to instantly lose if you get hit once.

Landing a dive kick on your opponents head will put them into a dizzy state for the next round which greatly decreases their kick speed and maximum jump height. It will also completely deplete their kick meter and lasts for about 10 seconds or so.

You win by claiming victory over your opponent a total of 5 times during a match. This is done by either hitting your opponent with a Dive Kick, hitting them with an offensive based special skill, or being the closest to the center of the map after 20 seconds during a time out.