The new anivers edition us guide very well done

damn the bradey game guid has a shit load of things in it good shit on people from the scene that helped with it good shit guys.
naysayism just bought it and its crazy. i need to buy my own copy

GOOD JOB MOPREME and evryone else… I was reading it this weekend! awesome job!

Mopreme / players are in the guide? Sweet I’m gonna pick that up after I get out of this class.

Where can I get the guide

I just got home with it :slight_smile: it’s THE SHIT!!! comes with 3s soundtrack too, mopreme wrote alot of the 3s section, it’s packed with info, even frame data with pics! I got it at gamestop, the box of SF anniversary guides was behind some crap on a table behind the counter, when I asked the clerk about it he uncovered them. I dunno if anywhere else has it.

awwww damn. i just heard about that guide and i so wanna get it. even if lots of info has already been out, i want to see the art and stuff. :p. some dude here just bought the only copy left, so i hafta wait a week or so. dammit.

Well, the typos are more than plentiful
Ken is missing in the kara throw listings
and they don’t give some character specifics (for some things)
Yet overall, more competent than any other brady guide.

I’m surprised Mopreme hasn’t come to mention this, but all the assorted mistakes/typos in the attack data are not his fault; Brady apparently did that part in-house.

the highly ultimate cr. strong, cr. strong, lunge punch is also not mentioned. :mad:

is this the guide you speak of?

Am I the only one who thinks Akuma looks like an f’d up lion on the cover?

Ryu looks like he’s been aged down to about 16 years old on that cover. :smiley:

And Akuma looks like that little demon thingie taking data back in the SFA anime. Not so much the f’d up lion.