The new Battle Fantasia Thread- PSN release for US coming this Winter!

I liked the atmosphere of the game and the characters. It was something different, but the online mode was so dead, I got bored with the game quickly.

I don’t think the tourney videos posted here were actually of good serious players. If you want serious players, watch Kubo:

I plan to pick this game up…maybe

Battle Fantasia’s soooo good! People don’t know about how fun this game really is. Ppl hear the music or see the cutesy chars and get turned off. Wtf? Give it a chance its deep. Anyways, I thought Olivia was the worst. O_o? Never seen or heard of a reason as to why Odile and Dokurod would be bad.

Two tutorials by Hard Edge Official



And I would also love some in depth char info.

Borrow my cousin’s PS3 and played the game. I need some time getting used to it, but Face is a fun character IMO.
Is anyone having a hard time doing a Jumping Attack–>Standing Attack in this game?
Anyways, for now I’ll focus on Face and then I’ll try to learn Urs.

i’ve been waiting on this game for a long time. will purchase for ASHLAAAYYY