The New Boston Thread (Revived)

im just saying. i didnt hear this from the owners. not saying its bs either but to me its good news.

ok i lied. zzZZz

im hosting marvel casuals next wednesday pm for details

shoutouts to Commy playing on the EVO stream this weekend, good shit!

Yo Boston

NH Tournament this weekend.

Hello, I’ll be moving into Cambridge/Boston in November, I’m a washed up has been GGXX player, I also play SF4/MVC3/anything, hope to meet and play some people! :slight_smile:

thread revival activate. We need somewhere to like… get together and play. i know the colleges got game clubs so if we get in touch with them we could use them (lol) for their meeting sites and just play there.


Hey everyone. Since I only recently got a current-gen system, I’m just starting out on learning all the new games. I’m running Ultimate right now, and would love to get some local playing in. I’m in Watertown, but can get around Boston itself fairly easy (yay T). A lot of the info in here looks kinda old, so I’m wondering what’s good right now? I need some SERIOUS practice, and not many of my friends, as much as I like playing them, are really any good for much training, and online only goes so far.

Glad to see this thread’s finally getting some attention! I live in Plymouth. Not exactly Boston, but since there’s nothing on the south shore or the cape, I have to make do. I’m going to start attending the gAMEdUX fight nights in Jamaica Plain once I get my license in order.

i’m gonna try to find a venue in boston for us so lets hope i get something

That’d be cool. As for gamedux, what do their current schedules and locales look like? I’m tempted to show up and embarrass myself. But I gotta level up in time to start showing people up at the freeplay room when PAX East comes around! This year I found it was fun to just hang out there and play Marvel 3 while I waited for things to start or my buddies to finish with what they were doing. Had a cool moment as Task vs a Doom, where we had no health left and kept trading M Arrows and Beams until one of us landed wrong. The crowd that gathered were pumped.

gAMEdUX’s venue is at 383 Centre Street in Boston. Brain Box JP, I think. It’s new, so no one’s really been there. There’s an Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament happening there on December 10th. Casuals start at noon, tournament starts at 2:30. I’ll most likely be there. Hopefully, they have PS3s available, since I use a DualShock to play the game.

ah crap there’s a tourney on the 10th there? man i have to run a tourney at northeastern that day :. Also there’s a tourney at bhcc on the 2nd

December 10th, eh? I’ll have to see if I can get off work that day to try it out. I’ll make sure to mark my calendar! I’ll write it in as “Get my ass whupped: 383 Centre Street, Noon”

antone know if theyll have a ps3 or xbox on site?

Peace everybody! This amarvalous from gAMEdUX. I just wanted to say that everyone is welcome to come to the Brain Box Gaming Center in Jamaica Plain. There are PS3’S AND XBOX 360 SETUPS available. The tournament will be ran on both systems to accommodate all players. The venue is $5 for a day pass unlimited starting December 1, 2011 or you can get a 3 month pass for $25. That 3 month pass allows you to come play seven days a week for casual play and covers you league membership in which we have league nights to see who the best in Boston is. If anybody has any questions please contact me here or at Although casual play is seven days a week, our official fight nights where we hold our rankings are WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY. SUNDAYS are training days from 6pm to 9pm where we focus specifically on fighting game mechanics and training only to improve as players. For hours of the Brain Box Gaming Center please contact me. Also, please come out tomorrow to see what we are about and you can witness our ranking matches in AE, ULTIMATE AND KOF. Hope to see you guys regularly. Peace!

Anyone in Boston playing KoF? Looking for some local comp.

I’ll be bringing KOF up to the Brain Box every Wednesday and Friday