The NEW! Call of Duty General Thread: WW2 is only slightly broke

Made a new thread cause the old one had stuff from Advanced Warfare in it. PS4 beta starts in a few days. WW2 looks good.

Too many CoDs…

Whether or not it had stuff from Advanced Warfare in it, did we really need a new thread? It has like 60 pages, and something like the Lounge or the Video Game thread goes for hundreds before it’s “reset”.



Doesn’t matter, who from SRK is in teh beta??

I put in a pre-order today to get in it, forgetting that the last time Amazon kinda fucked me over there. Though, it was the IW beta, so maybe they were trying to do me a solid in secret.

Does anyone have the beta? What are you guys’ thoughts? I have it, and I’m thinking the game is good, but not “buy on release date” good. Maybe that’s just because I suck at it though. I’ll wait for a sale.

Smgs and the stg44 make every gun irrelevant

I thought that was just me. Feels like there’s no reason to not use an SMG or the STG in most situations.

I just like the idea of firing those incendiary shells from a double barrel. Will try the Beta next weekend

All changes coming after weekend 1

If you played the beta weekend 1 on PS4, you apparently are to continue your progress in weekend 2

Beta Weekend 2
Lvl Cap Increase (Possibly 40 if going from the Activison Support website leak.)
New Game Modes
NO Search and Destroy
New map “AACHEN” (destroyed city map)
New sniper M1903 (5 round clip, looks to be a kill from waist up, less hitmarkers than the Commonwealth?)
M1A1 Carbine Assualt Rifle (3 shot kill, low recoil)
Possible Thursday start again (he accidentally said Thursday, and corrected himself, so who knows.)
New uniforms for soldiers.
100 Kill TDM
100 score per kill DOM
New basic trainings
New scorestreaks
Mortar Strike scorestreak
Flamethower scorestreak
Paratroopers stronger
Molotovs down from 2 to 1
Fixing Hitmarker issues
Fixing load issues
Incendiary Shells will not be the default loaded shells when spawning. Not nerfing or buffing them as of right now.


Beta is live GOGOGOGO

Guess I’ll start DLing when i go home

What did you guys think of the Beta?

I thought it was decent (way better than IW), but I’m only buying it in the future if you guys rave about how awesome it is.

There’s still the same netcode problems I was having with BO3, and I don’t like what they did with Create-A-Class. I understand WHY they did it: it’s a way to have a solid set of related perks without having to pick and choose extensively like one would do with Pick 10. But if that’s the case, just make it Pick 12 or something. Or take away perk tiers and let some perks be worth more than one point (unless some other COD did that). This Division stuff was unnecessary to me. It reeks of “we couldn’t figure out something cool to do besides boots-on-the-ground, so we’re doing this to Create-A-Class so you’ll be unable to deny we at least did something different.” Again, I’m hoping I’m wrong and that you guys prove me wrong. But right now I see no reason to buy this.

Maps are still too small which actually keeps the pace about where it was anyway, it is still mindlessly running around like a moron.

Pretty cool. I had good connections going solo. I’m not going to say that WW2 sucks cause of the eh maps they gave us. Divisions are a mixed bag.

Played the beta, it didn’t do anything different for me to warrant a purchase, now or in the future. I’m just gonna stick with Black Ops 3 & MWR.

The guns don’t have nearly enough recoil imo. Anyone looking for a good WW2 fix will have to look on PC. Day of Infamy is probably one of the better games out now. Hell let Loose looks promising as well.