The NEW! Call of Duty General Thread: WW2 is only slightly broke


The heads of Sledgehammer… have left Sledgehammer. They will now be Activision executives.


Why does this matter at all? Well, for me, I just felt the last bit of hype I had for Black Ops 4 die in the street. WWII may have sold well thanks to them finally going back to BOTG, but everything I’ve seen about it indicates that it is ass. Now you’re telling me that the masterminds behind WWII and Advanced Warfare are going to potentially be in a position where they can make big decisions on ALL COD games? I’m not hyped at all for Black Ops 4 now. I mean, even if Trey gets it really right, these clowns could come in and fuck things up.


To be fair both sledgehammer games have a reasonable loot drop system. Neither game I spent a dime on for extra content. Also Sledgehammer wanted to make AW2 but was forced into WWII. Either way this is Activision so anything can happen.


This isn’t (just) about loot drops. They put key members of perhaps the weakest developer of the three dev cycle in an executive position. AW was ass. WWII was ass. The things that made them shit were under the supervision of these people, and now they have a chance to come up with some shitty mandate that could affect all the games going forward. That’s me jumping too far ahead and assuming too much about what power they were given as executives, I admit. But NOTHING about this news feels good for me.


Welp, it’s time to move on to Fortnite or PUBG. Just kidding.



I don’t know why, but the earlier release date feels like something’s wrong. Like they knew they couldn’t compete with some other shit in November (what’s even coming out?), so they moved it back. Or they have something up their sleeve they know people won’t really like, so they’re smoothing the blow by releasing early.

Of course, maybe I’m just jumping to conclusions and they’re ready in October because they know what they’re doing this time around. Still get a bad vibe.


Live reveal:


No campaign mode. More zombies. Specialists are back. Private beta launches on October 12 with pre-order.

Multiplayer reveal:

Blackout (Battle Royal):

Power iin Numbers Cinematic:


As I said in the VDG Thread, it wouldn’t surprise me if Treyarch was just immensely frustrated with the fact that they put in the most actual work with their campaigns compared to the other developers and players just still didn’t care or play them.


Came back from the reveal event. Will post here more of my personal thoughts in a bit


Can’t lie; I’m a bit disappointed:
-Specialists are back. They’ve given me some super fun moments in BO3, but I’ve been choked out of too many streaks by someones welfare kill to be excited they’re back. Plus half of them are recycled in terms of kill or tactical abilities. The other half don’t look interesting at all.
EDIT: I’m also seeing from youtubers’ posted videos of the event that a team can only have ONE of each type of specialist. So, If 2 people on a team want to play as Ruin or Seraph, it’s down to who picks them first. I… I just can’t…

-You have to manually regen your health now. Seems like an extra thing to manage for no real reason.

-Tactical insertions are kind of back in the form of Seraph’s spawn beacons. With them active, you can pick your spawns like in Battlefield. Don’t REALLY know how this will play out in battle, but I’m leaning towards badly. Objective modes are already a pain with the regular spawns. Now you’re telling me a team can almost explicitly pick where to spawn? I’ll be staying in TDM.

Other than those nitpicky things, the basic gameplay looks decent at least. But that beta is now make or break for me. If that beta says this game is ass, then I’m probably gone from the series for good.


I liked the game when I played it. I like that it does promote more team play. TDM has bored me for years. This felt more refreshing and yes I get that the average player just wants to play however they like but I need an objective. I need a reason to shoot and kill peeps.

I like the more tactical format. I just want a bigger playcount.


for all 3 of us who care



Literally forgot this came out yesterday. Does anyone have this? What’s your consensus thus far?


I like it. Blackout is fun especially when you’re in a party doing stupid shit. Only things I don’t like is TTK is too long in multiplayer (that’s with and without armor). Don’t use Strike Team. That scorestreak is still terrible just like in the beta. RC-XD doesn’t have the speed and hops the HC-XD had in Black Ops 3. Multiplayer might be too fast for some early on because players are pushing too hard into the map causing spawn flips to happen every ten seconds.

So far I’ve been using UAV + Attack Chopper + Sniper’s Nest and don’t plan on changing it soon. The specialist with the shield (Ajax?) is very good. Recon with Acoustic Sensor is basically a walking VSAT (the game doesn’t have an actual VSAT).

The multiplayer maps look really good. Colors pop just like in Black Ops 3.

I haven’t tried Blackout yet. I might hop on and run solo when the football games start today.


Are there any other game types for battle royale other than the 2v2, 4v4,etc that was in the beta?


For Blackout, there’s Solo, Duos, and Quads.


Quads for the best chance at leveling up. Also new title now.

CoD thread Black Cops 4: now with less campaign and more battle royal


…so no Blackout - kill confirm, capture the flag :frowning: