The NEW Castle Fight Night II - Official Results Thread

Thanks to EVERYONE who came out. Hit 42 people, with 29 entering SFIV, 18 entering BlazBlue and 16 entering 3rd Strike. GGs to all, thanks to Dukes for the runback. Thanks to Nick/casperOne and Seb for doing the commentary during the live stream. I was really impressed with your level of commentary from what I heard of it. I was also really happy that the stream was running so well all day. Sorry I couldn’t immediately fix any sound issues that may have occurred, but I was running around the store all fucking day. Thanks to Mike/KayinNasaki for holding down BlazBlue as you usually do, and thanks to the 5 guys who ran 3rd Strike haha. I really appreciate all of the help you give me throughout these tournaments, it means a lot. Anyway, without further ado, here’s the results:

Street Fighter IV:

  1. Joe iloveu (C. Viper)
  2. Damdai (C. Viper)
  3. grancalc (Balrog)

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

  1. Joe iloveu (Ken)
  2. frenzii (Ken)
  3. U2 (Not sure who you used!)


  1. Alzarath
  2. Dukes
  3. Mon

Guys, I’m really exhausted and I wish I could type more, and I probably will tomorrow, but thanks so much for an awesome birthday. Thanks to Joe and Mary and Lex who got me the cake, and I hope everyone liked it haha. Rolling 22 deep into Outback at 9:15 was too gdlk. Thanks again to everyone, and I’ll be posting the next NCFN date within a few days!

For those of you needing Top 8 stream coverage, it’s on uFrag, aside from the first couple of matches. I wasn’t aware that uFrag records infinitely until you stop it. Had I known that, I would’ve recorded at 2pm until 8:30. I also have the Top 8 video recorded separately, so I’ll be editing that tomorrow for YouTube uploading. Here’s the link:

We should all be thanking you. This tournament was smooth from start to finish, showing a level of professionalism that FADC (Seb) and myself (casperOne/Nick) appreciate from other members of the community.

Basically, we only had to show up, plug mics in, and then talk. Smooth as silk.

From the player side, every machine was always utilized for a match, and the brackets ran smoother than any other tournament that I’ve been to.

Seb and I are very much looking forward to providing commentary on upcoming events. Thanks for a wonderful experience all around.

No problem! Next time though can I beg for two setups? :frowning: And as always, thank you for running a sick event, even on your birthday.

But I hat a great time. This was probably my worst tourny performance to date (Two relatively new games for me), but it’s all good. As much as I don’t like Blazblue, the later matches were pretty sick. Christian’s Hakumen beasting was gdlk. 12 year old face wrecking!

It was good to see everyone again. Was fun to get wrecked by damdai. I’m going to have to play some serious opponents and tighten up my game. Also was fun to watch people playing IWBTG. It’s always hilarious and amusing to see peoples reactions when they found out I made it. Also thanks for everyone who helped out witht he Blazblue brackets and keeping things moving, even when I was playing my SF4 matches.

Outback was DEFINITELY gdlk. Was also hilarious to find out I was sitting across from and having a conversaiton about art and typography with Ian Cofino. That made for some good conversation.

I have to get out more, so I’ll be bugging you, Joe. I need my face wrecked some more.

ooh I assumed all the matches had been recorded :frowning:

also if you ever need any help running things I’m always available to help out. Thanks for running this. I had a great time and you better believe I intend to go to every CFN event that’s held.

gg’s to all big thanks to nikos for letting me use his amazing stick.

lol :wgrin:

Stop holding tournaments on a Sunday god fucking damn it, I love the LI crew.



Yeah, it sucks, but unless we do it late, we can’t hold events on Saturday due to us interfering with business. :frowning:

SJC, gs great tournament.

Grrrrr, next time the Lex express and LI joe will be taken out by DMX but big ups to LI Joe on a great win!

For my first official tournament, I’m surprised I got as far as I did. It was cool to meet some people I’ve played online, and see some people I haven’t seen since the FYE scene.

It was actually pretty fun, despite how brutal it was at the end of the BlazBlue finals. [Arakune and Rachel are now my source of sadface.]

I might have to hang around more to keep in touch with everyone. Good stuff though, although it was a liiittle random for my first.

Edit: Oh, and watching John flip out at ‘I wanna be the guy’ on my laptop was good stuff. Speedrun now.

Heh, Joe dumped Viper :stuck_out_tongue:

I got raped on the internet in my first “public match.” (Ryan’s stupid sagat!)

I wanted to help out w/ BB as originally planned, but with the load of people in the store and the billions of other things going on, I didn’t think Kayin wanted me annoying him too.

Good sh*t as usual John, Happy Birthday!

Wana thank John for throwing an awesome tournament. Everything ran smooth and we didn’t have to wait until like 1am to finish shit like with some other tourneys i’ve been to. I want to thank Mike/Kayin for picking me up from the station and driving Alz and I back, and also for doing a good job at running BlazBlue.

3rd Strike heads: John for the run-,etter back, you put up a better fight this time, you really wanted that win, maybe you’lll get it next time…happy birthday mother fucker…U2 for beating me with that pad makoto…too godlike…x-rated i respect your Oro…NicaKO has an amazing yang, it was a pleasure playing against him in tourney and being able to win such an intense match…Frankie, Im gonna beat you next time, you’re godlike in my eyes son…Darren, akuma himself, always a fuckin beast…LI JOE…this guy is one great human being, that’s all i gotta say about him…3rd strike will NEVER die with players like these around.

BlazBlue: Mike did a good job runing this, and i had fun playing and watching…Props to the arakune player i met, don’t know how long you’ve ben playing but you are pretty solid and almost beat me, and i’ve ben playing since arcad release…Mon the Tao player, you showed good skill for someone who’s only been playing for 3 weeks…another 3 weeks and you’ll be a monster…Alzarath…that grandfinals was pretty gay wasn’t it…two time outs :rofl:…but it’s always fun fighting you good shit on taking home all that fight money…

And one more thing…there is no S in my name…it’s just Duke :wgrin:

sigh* man where to begin lol

First off Happy Birthday to John and good shit on running one of the smoothest tournaments he ever had…all the tournaments started at a reasonable time and finished at a fashionable time leaving enough time for lots of casuals after the tournament…

3s: Good to see those 2 kids start playing 3s that same day and STILL entered the tournament…we need more kids like that to build the scene even more (kid even said he liked 3s better than sf4 haha)/ Darren i got my revenge for everytime i lost to you lol both in tournament AND in casuals (at the end :razz:)/ Duke you gotta get on that kokujin status with the color, and you’re dudley will lvl up like 100x once you switch colors haha but good shit on taking me out/ U2, J, X-rated glad to see you guys rollin deep and still having love for this game, U2 i hope i helped you vs yun matchup and hopefully you can make some progress before next tournament/ Frankie straight up went Chinta Ken on everybody including me, he deserved that 2nd place, and what else to say but i love you joe haha its a shame i didnt get to play you in tournament but maybe we’ll meet up in the next tournament, good shit on 1st place

sf4: hmmm nothin else to say but ggs to everyone i played and uh 3s is the better game lol strong island says fuck sf4 :wgrin:

great games to everyone and good shit to John for his birthday and running this tournament…i cant wait till the next one, ill be seeing you guys around :tup:

wow nice work on 2nd damdai

ggs all

outback was TOO GDLK! haha

thx again to kayin nasaki for drivin us back to lirr

def gonna try to make this again

First, GG’s to everyone I played!

Also, despite what you see on the live stream, I did not ragequit in SF4. My opponent, Zohta, paused during his Ultra for some reason. I accepted the loss. His Gief is amazing, and I know I was fully outclassed.

na i think you just unplugged your stick before the ultra finished, but its all good man gg

Haha, I was just shit talking, I knew you didn’t RQ.