The NEW Castle Fight Night II - Play 'N Trade Bay Shore, Long Island, NY - 8/9/09


The last NCFN (acronyms FTW!) went very well. I tried some new things, including the first ever Live Stream from a Long Island tournament. There were only two games being run, but KYJellyDonut suggested that we run BlazBlue at this tournament. We’re going to run it on the Xbox 360s on the right side of the store, with SF4 being run in the same location as before. I think we can pull it off without any problems. I’m really happy that this venue is working out for us, and Rich is more than happy to have us.

As for the stream last time, it was a little laggy, but that was due to the fact that the store was hooked up through a DSL connection. After speaking with Rich, I was told that the store is now on a cable connection from Optimum Online, so we can run the stream at a MUCH higher bitrate than before, and have less lag. I have also found all of my equipment that I forgot to bring last time, so the stream will have sound this time.

Having that said, I know people are wondering where the Top 8 video is from the last tournament. Honestly, the video got very messed up. I guess the laptop that I was using to record it wasn’t as powerful as I had hoped or thought. The video ran at whatever speed it wanted to at different intervals, causing the audio sync to fall off every 5 seconds and just progressively get worse. The color was also pretty messed up. I’ll be using a different, much more powerful computer, this time around. I’ll be doing a few test runs with the store machines between now and the tournament to make sure things go smoothly the day of.

Play 'N Trade
2042A Sunrise Highway
Bay Shore, NY 11706
631-206-3200 - Ask for Rich the owner

Tournament is Sunday, August 9, 2009.

For public transportation, please take the Montauk LIRR Line from Penn Station, and get off at Bay Shore. As always, call me and I’ll see if I can pick you up. I encourage you to collaborate and come in groups. I do drive a Jeep so I can always fit mad heads.

For those of you who are wondering how far this place is, I’ll give you a comparison. It’s about a half hour closer than Castle Golf, maybe even an hour depending on how you were getting there. It’s a very direct route as well.


We will be adding BlazBlue to this event, making a total of 3 games. They are:

[]Street Fighter IV - PlayStation 3
]Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - PlayStation 2
[*]BlazBlue - Xbox 360

Venue: $10
Tournament Entries: $5 per game

Registration starts at 12pm, games start at 2pm SHARP!


As per previous PnT tournaments, Street Fighter IV will be held on the store’s LCD TVs. Damdai was at one of the previous tournaments and reduced the lag on all systems down to basically nothing. BlazBlue will also be held on the store’s TVs using Xbox 360s.

3rd Strike will be set up using CRT televisions like my previous tournaments and be run on PS2.

This tournament will be recorded (SF4 Top 8), as well as streamed on (SF4 all day). It worked out very well last time, aside from the sound. A link will be provided once it’s up and running.



Tournament Rules:

[]Street Fighter IV - Being run by myself
]PlayStation 3 Version Is Being Used!
[]All characters are allowed and will be unlocked on all consoles
]2/3 Rounds
[]2/3 Matches, 3/5 Matches Finals, 4/7 Matches Grand Finals
]Double Elimination
[*]prizes are 70/20/10 of entry fees

[]Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - Being run by Lloyd/NicaKO/SF3LP
]Gill is BANNED
[]2/3 Rounds
]2/3 Matches, 3/5 Matches Finals, 4/7 Matches Grand Finals
[]Double Elimination
]Prizes are 70/20/10 of entry fees

[]BlazBlue - Being run by Matt/KYJellyDonut
]PlayStation 3 Version Is Being Used!
[]2/3 Rounds
]2/3 Matches, 3/5 Matches Finals, 4/7 Matches Grand Finals
[]Double Elimination
]Prizes are 70/20/10 of entry fees


Any questions, concerns, comments, please post up! GET HYPE!!!

I’m going to try to do these every 4-6 weeks. Bi-weekly gets people a little burned out. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up, not sure if I can make this one but I’ll keep you posted.


I’ll be there.


I leave to Japan on the 7th… I never miss these :crybaby:


How about the 23rd?


I won’t miss this one


Why is BB running on 360’s?


I didn’t think we’d have enough PS3s to run it on there. If someone would like to bring a PS3 with the game then we can run it on that. But if someone is bringing it, please let me know in advance so I can edit the post!


I will probably come threw to this I missed the last one and I’m so stoked that ky told you too have blazeblue AND its on the 360 so I can even use my stick hooray!


I just texted Rich to confirm BlazBlue. I’m really trying to get him to move the shelves for some of the tournament. We have to remember though that it IS a game store and that’s his business we’d be moving.

Also, would anyone be interested in a lock-in? Meaning an overnight event at the store? Rich is all for it, and I’m sure we could get some interesting games/tournaments going on. SF2 on SNES money matches anyone?


Holy crap a lock-in

tell me if its from saturday to sunday and ill probably do that shit lol


It would be a Saturday into a Sunday. I wouldn’t want to do Sunday/Monday.


I would absolutely be down for a lock in. That’d be the hypest shit ever. I’d bring my feety pajamas and everything and we can tell ghost stories and talk about bois.



YOOOOO A LOCK IN WOULD BE GODLIKE jus set a porta-potty in the back and we 're golden


yea that is true, not having a bathroom would suck




A lock-in is retarted good

shit ill run an ALL KEN tournament for 3s that day if we get this goin lol


Imma try to bring them BKLN niggz…start shouting ALLAH in that place…ooo man…team 3s would be fuckin great…an all gill tourney…fastest shit ever…mikado style shitz…tooo godlike sjc…people jus dont kno about that icycool


Well keep in mind that I was asking about initerest for a FUTURE lock-in. This is still just a normal tournamet day happening on the 9th.


im there for BlazBlue :slight_smile:


jus keep bringin the tourneys bro…we in there if itz a lock-in or a 30 min shit…thanx for sentiment john