The NEW Castle Fight Night III - Results Thread


I’m writing this at about 1:45am after one of the most mentally exhausting days of my tournament career, so if any of this is incoherent, I’ll fix it later, sorry.

That being said, I want to start off by saying thanks to everyone who showed up to support this event. Mike, don’t worry about BlazBlue. It’s kind of upsetting that no one signed up for it. Maybe we can move back to Guilty if there’s more interest? And bring the Canadians back again!

Lloyd, J, and Zohta, thanks so much for 3rd Strike. Hope my brackets were readable! You guys kept it solid down there.

Nick, thanks so much for scouting the venue, running HDR, getting your friends to do the shirts and chibi 8-bit keychains, sweating as much as I did, EVERYTHING.

Seb with FADC, thanks for keeping it real on the stream, your work is always welcomed!

Kenny, way to get that 360 saaannn!!! Just want everyone to know that the Xbox 360 was provided by VGC is a great company that I work for that has a lot of great fighting game products from sticks to converters that everyone should definitely check out. Especially if you’re from the area since it’s located in Queens.

Phil, thanks so much for the trophy and plaques, everyone really loved them. Keep bringing UMK, keep doing what you’re doing dude!!

Nit, thanks so much for the continued support, we’ll talk more about ECT2.


With all of that out of the way, I feel the urge to rage/bitch about a few things. First, I’m sorry things didn’t get started as quickly as they should’ve. Although, to be honest, I don’t think it really mattered considering everything was done before 9pm.

Here’s the big rant:

The venue was great, I liked it a lot. The staff, however, FUCKING SUCKED. They dragged their feet through every little fucking thing possible. From moving tables into position, getting Seb an ethernet line for the stream, moving the store’s LCDs to where they had to be stored, EVERYTHING, I had to fight with them for. The manager G (short for Mr. Gumby, he was the tall black gentleman wearing the Game Table shirt who was working the store) and I were at eachother’s throats from the moment I arrived. Here’s what happened:

The owner, Dave, was not present for the event (obviously). Nick and I went to Game Table last night to draw up a final floor plan and everything so once we arrived in the morning, we could set up and have everything ready to go. When we go there, it was only Sam (he was the larger guy in the green shirt who entered SFIV as “padsam”) working the store. Every question we asked him about what we could do for the event, his answer was, “I don’t know”. We must’ve heard it like 30 times in 5 minutes from the guy. When asking about moving two tables, his response was, “I don’t know”. We had a lot of things drawn out in a contract that was signed by Dave that should’ve been done in the morning that G had a problem with. His response to anything we wanted to move was either, “Uhhhh, no”, or, “That’s not going to work for me”.

When questioning why Dave wasn’t present and why G was told nothing, I was told that Dave was really ill in the hospital. OK, that’s perfectly fine with me, shit happens. A simple phone call to either Nick or myself telling us Dave wasn’t going to be present for the event would’ve been fine. I was told that him being in the hospital and not at the event was, “None of your business”. When I went back at G stating, “It IS my business that the person who signed the contract isn’t here, and I was never told that he wasn’t going to be here, and that this IS my business (tournament running)”, he came back at me with, “Nuh uh, that’s illiterate”. Ask ANYONE who was there in the morning, those were his EXACT fucking words. Illiterate. Real talk. Illiterate.

I argued with him that, “You need to work with us, you’re not doing anything to help us out here, or anything that was agreed upon”, he said, “We ARE working with you”. Bull-fucking-shit!!! All fucking morning he was just not cooperating. I understand it’s a business, I really do, but if someone is about to make your store a few hundred dollars in a matter of 8 hours with little to no effort on your part, I’d say cooperating with the organizers would be a good idea. We’re a fairly mature group of people, nothing crazy is going to happen.

And the cursing part. Jesus tap dancing Christ. I understand that cursing really isn’t the cleanest form of language, but come the fuck on. If a match gets hype, and someone yells, “FUCK HIS SHIT UP!!!”, deal with it. It’s excitement. But when employees start going up to MY guests scolding them for cursing, they need to check themselves. I would’ve gone after them about it, but I really just wanted to finish and get the fuck out of there.

The 3rd TV was lagging. We switched it after maybe 40 minutes and 2 complaints. When we told G that we wanted to switch the TV, he suggested that we just set up a table with another TV right next to it so nothing had to be moved. Totally cool, great idea, worked fine. However, when he was setting up the table, Brad (Bisonopolis) came by and made a comment like, “Thanks, John, that TV was lagging a little”. Before I could even say, “Yea, I know, we’re switching it”, G sarcastically retorted with, “Heh, yea, I know, because that one second can DEFINITELY kill you”. I wanted to strike him violently. If you can’t respect the players, or what we’re doing, then sit down and shut up.

Needless to say, I definitely won’t be running events there anymore. The venue is great, very short distance from bus and train, but not worth the headache brought on by the employees. The hotel staff at East Coast Throwdown actually sat down and WATCHED the tournament because they were entertained. Joe was having a conversation with the HEAD OF HOTEL SECURITY about the community and what we do, and we didn’t have ANY problems there. We could be heard OUTSIDE THE HOTEL and everyone enjoyed it. I don’t suggest any future tournament organizer use this place if they expect a good time and turnout.


Thanks again to everyone who came out, I definitely had a great time aside from all of the staff issues. Look for the next NCFN (probably going to drop the Castle name next time) in November. NEC warmup? GET FUCKING HYPE!!!


Lol, I forgot the results!!


  1. Justin
  2. Marn
  3. iloveu Joe

3rd Strike:

  1. KOFiend
  2. Therapist
  3. Flare

HD Remix:

  1. Damdai
  2. Justin
  3. Thelo (CANADA REPRESENT!!!)



Ultimate MK3

  1. iloveu Joe
  2. Frankiebonez
  3. Summoning (Nit)


Just want to be clear. I was totally joking when I said that john :-p haha

Also like I said. I had a great time today at this event. But the staff sucked. Getting bitched at by G about my comment about the TV lagging and being constantly scolded by my language was fuckingAbsurd. Absolutely absurd. The staff was on us about every little thing and it really made things difficult not just for the players but for those running things. Great Venue. But G can go fuck himself.


sorry i couldnt make it… :frowning:
ill try harder for the future!!


what he said. I ended up waking up at 12 and decided that i didn’t feel like going.

also lol blazblue, if i went i’d probably be the only guy who’d play that game


yea that guy was telling us not to curse is a dickbag. fuck that place in its ass.

good times in spite of that douche anyway

i need to play more HD


Fight for the future!!!


It seems like the substitute guy just didn’t want you guys to be there. Not cooperating during a contracted deal like that is a god sign of resentment. Totally unprofessional, and I’ve had to deal with that at wrestling shows before. The original person who made it possible couldn’t make it and the person in their place is a total douchasaurus.

In any event, good shit guys. Get me the full UMK3 results asap so I can post them up on ultimatemk. According to Nit, top 3 placement:

  1. iloveu Joe
  2. FrankieBonez
  3. Summoning (Nit)


Joe reppin the UMK3 again tonight!!! Way to go bro!!

GO FRANKIE!!! Gettin back into it? Hmmm…

Shock, you werent there? :frowning:


ohh john…of course i wanna start off by thanking you infinitely for hosting another castle golf tournament and despite the crappy employees, I had alotta fun today bro, again thanx. I had fun today despite losing horribly in both sf4 and 3s, trying to shake that rust lol. But that only makes us come back stronger, gonna be in the lab until the next one. I will always support these tourneys man. J also says itz his pleasure to help out with 3s(the best game ever). Keep it up man


Damdai got 1st in HDR. and good shit for joe unlocking rufus


I was the only one to sign up for BlazBlue =( ( Adam006 reping Staten Island ). Had alot of fun would like to go to the next one. Just wish I did better in SF4.


Real salty I missed this event…especially a SJC event. Had to work saturday

Really wanted to play therapist and crew in 3s.



That’s a shame. :frowning: Gotta make it out next time!


Yeah my ride didn’t make it and gave no warning. :X


I agree john the staff sucked ass!!! they didnt want to do shit… i love when you asked if you could tape down the wires and G freaked out…shit im suprised he even let you tape those wires… or tell you to use scotch tape…

even though i didnt play in any of the tourns i had alot of fun…and me play Melty Blood in a basement by myself was fun too heheheh


Lol. I just taped those wires down when seb asked me to. I didnt even think of asking G for permission. Fuck that guy.

Also. Good job on winning that box full of kittens and cheeseburgers Kenny!


Good shit to John to running a smooth tournament as usual, especially given the hostile environment. I have yet to find a reason to ever miss an SJC event :slight_smile:

I’ve got 1 station’s worth of sf4 (incl top 8 of course) and top 8 of HDR uploading now. Will update with the URL soon guys!


seeing the basement set up and watching ppl play 3s was like…idk it was just soo GDLK lol

im sure the ppl in the basement didnt have many problems and no complaints as far as i know except for the no cursing part but we still cursed cuz we dont give a flying fuck lol

thanks for running this john so close to home and ggs to everyone in both sf4 and 3s

JUSTIN enter 3s next time :tup:


Good shit SJC, like i said dont worry, there’s assholes everywhere keep up the great job.:party:

No cursing at nec. lol lol lol lol


I wasn’t, but sadly I could have been there since apparently I wasn’t booked for the wrestling show I went to. I actually was a half hour closer to the venue since we were in North Brunswick, NJ for the show but I didn’t have my own car so I couldn’t leave. It’s OK though, I got to spend some time with Terry Funk backstage without having to worry about going over a match with anyone. :smile: