The New Challenge(Steet Fighter/ Soul Calibur crossover)


I just started playing Soul Calibur 2 and i love it. I thought about doing a crossover for my 2 favorite fighting games and here it is…

Chapter 1: Intro

It is a hot summers afternoons in Thai Land. A huge arena in the middle of the city has incredible amounts of noise eminating from it. The arena is filled to the brim with people cheering on the festivities. In the middle of the arena lies a ring with 2 fighters in it. One fighter is short with a white gi and white headband. He looks nervous, but determined. The other, is a 7 foot 8 inch monster with an eye patch and shaved head. He looks down at the young boy and laughs. They begin to fight furiously. It is easy to see that the monster has the upper hand. He begins to annihilate the young man. He grabs the head of the boy and begins to use his knees to bash the boys face. Every strike produces blood from the boy’s nose. The monster finally finishes his onslaught. The young man falls to the ground, unable to get up. The monster sees that the boy is finished and offers his hand to help the boy up. The boy looks up but then feels something inside him. He cries out and flings himself upward with his fist outstretched. “Shoryuken!” yells the boy. His fist cuts through the monster’s chest. Blood flies everywhere and the monster falls to the ground. The boy comes back to his senses and looks at the blood on his fist. He is proclaimed the winner and given the title of street fighter champion. The boy looks around not knowing what happened. Suddenly, a flash of light!

Ryu wakes up in his bed. He looks around and realizes he was remembering when the Satsu No Hadou awakened within in. It was a repetitive nightmare. He soons remembers that he is in his best friend’s, Ken Master’s, house in the guest room. He gets out of bed and goes downstairs to the dining room. There he sees Ken, Eliza and Mel sitting at the table about to eat breakfast. “Morning buddy!” exclaims Ken. “How’s you sleep?” “Horrible,” replies Ryu, “I had that dream again.” “Come on Ryu thats in the past, you gotta chill. Here, sit down and have some breakfast.” Ryu sits down at the table and begins scarf down his eggs and bacon. At the table, Ryu tells Ken he wants to go back to Japan to visit his old dojo. Ken says he will come with him and Mel will come too to see what their old stomping grounds were like.

A day later all three men where in front of the dojo. They walk into the house and check out their master Gouken’s room. There on the floor, they see a book that they don’t remember being their last. The book was open to a page. “What the hell is this?” exclaimed Ken. He picked up the book and began to read. “Its just some stuff about an old sword.” The book had information about a sword called Soul Edge and how it’s wielder terrorized the countryside for years. The book was passed down generations, but the authors name had been faded, all that could be seen was the first letter started with an M. The book also contained stuff about the sword being evil and that the wielder had ultimate power. The sword possessed whoever used it. Also, the sword took the form of the best weapon of who possessed it. “Ha, we don’t need swords to win fights.” said Ken. He threw the book on the floor, but as hit hit the floor, a black piece of metal flew out of it and right in front of Mel. “Whats this daddy?” “I dont know son.” said Ken. Ryu looked at it curiously. “It looks like a sword fragment…” Mel picked it up. It was warm in his hands. It began to burn him and he through it on the floor. It hit the floor in a dead spot. Ryu heard the curious sound and opened up the floor board. Under it was a deep hole. Ryu and Ken looked into the hole and at the same time, felt a familiar presence. Mel walked over to the hole to look in. Mel had a glazed look in his eyes. He walked straight into the hole! “Mel, NO!!” cried Ken. A white light flashed at the bottom of the hole. “Ryu we have to go after him!” Ryu agreed and they both jumped into the hole. They fell for what seemed like hours until a white light approached them. Suddenly they were on a grassy hill. They got up, both wincing in pain. Ken turned around to look for Mel. Mel was standing there, looking at a huge castle, or should I say, what was left of it. There were bodies everywhere and smoke coming from the castle. Ken and Ryu looked at each other. “Ryu, i dont think we’re in Japan anymore…”

I hope you liked chapter 1. chapter 2 to follow soon. give me feedback


WOW! A new Fan Fic!

(sano Faints.)

EDIT: And I like how you described Ryu and Sagat’s Fight as it’s true to Storyline Canon. Any chance Spawn, Link and Heihachi will be in your Fic?


Sano, im gonna try to get Heihachi, Link and Spawn in there, but i can’t promise anything. I wasn’t planning on them in there, but im gonna try


Good start.Can’t wait for the next chapter.:slight_smile: