The New Chang Thread

I am opening a new Chang thread since the other one has been shut down. A few questions to start the thread out…

Is there any practical use for Chang’s super which involves the whirlwinding Choi?

Does Chang really have any worthwhile combos besides: s.Jab, s.Jab, s.Jab, Spinning Ball?

Any Chang CCs would be nice as well.

here’s a chang cc that does hella dmg:D

[close fp, fp, mp]x3, s. mk x 12,, c.fp, qcf hcb p

it does like 9800 to 9332 cuz chang’s rush super does random dmg ro0lz doesnt it jake?

hell yeh! gunter is t0o tite!!

Chang 36hit 10092 damage:
cc->{s.HPx2-> s.MP}x3-> s.MKx14->{c.MK-> c.HP}-> qcf,hcb+P

Chang 38hit 10772 damage:
hcf+HK-> s.HP->(j+cc){j+HKx2->HP}-> s.MK-> s.HPx2-> s.MP-> s.MKx18-> qcf,hcb+P

I have these ones archived at the moment…

sweet moter of cc’s, hmmm, i might adopt chang seeing as how damagin his cc’s are

are there ne specific a-chang strats besides lockin’ em down w/ his trap???

If the meter is activated as Choi is dragging the opponent into the air (that tornado special), I think Chang can hit the opponent during or after Choi is finished with the spinning move.

the best use of chang’s tornado super for me is to use it as block damage in the corner. it is to slow to use it as a super. it does a good amount of block in the corner. i usually do it after the croching fp in the corner. after the super is over, i do the ball attack of even more block damage.

When is the best time to use his rushing super? I been hit out of this so many fricken times.:mad: Even at level 3, this super has zero priority. So, do you guys just combo into it or do you have some set ups where you won’t instantly be knocked out of?


when in doubt - roll

Omega Red: Chang rolling is closely related to a large rolling rock. Much like Chang’s dodge is related to a throwable version of the Berlin Wall.

Stank_bref: Thank you for pointing out a use of this super to me, I did not think it had one. That super and the fierce spinning ball together take away half a guard bar! Of course, it would probably be a bad idea to try this against someone with a teleport.

Triptacon: I just combo it with c.Forward. That seems to work the best.

Jaky: Are you sure his rush super does random damage?

the best way to connect the rushing super imho is with wp, wk (or vice versa), super.

i think only the lvl 1 rush super goes as high as 3200 and as low as 2700 , i havent been really playin a lot the past few days so try it out urself