The NEW Chicago(land) thread 2014

Welcome to the new Chicago thread! Look here to find info on everything coming up in the area! If you have Facebook make sure to join the group as well!


Monday - Ignite Gaming Lounge - General/SF4/Anime
Wednesday -EXP Gaming - Smash Bros
Thursday - Galloping Ghost Arcade - Injustice
Friday - EXP Gaming SF4/General
Friday -Galloping Ghost Arcade - BBCP/KoF/Anime
Saturday - EXP Gaming - Smash Bros/MvC3


**6/9/14 - 7/714/b]

Red Focus Ranbats at Ignite Gaming Lounge! Every Monday up until Labor Day

Wowzers, a weds. Spot im der…

FF6 results can be found here:

Well those results aren’t correct.

I’m not in there.

Oh hey, a new thread. A new beginning. Har har har.

EDIT: That Joakim Noah picture gets me every time. Happy New Year everyone.

I just copy and pasted from Humbag so idk about the results past that

Pretty stupid to ask here, but is anyone going to Kumite in Tenneessee?

Can’t. No KoF for me to win. I’ll most likely go to the next Indiana monthly in February.

Check the top post for info about the next Challenge Night at Ignite Gaming Lounge. Reworked a little, hope people show up and enjoy!

Mix-up Monthly at Ignite tomorrow! Hope to see you there!

I guess I should be posting more in here. Here’s to a new start.

Good stuff on the Mix-up Monthly! Wish I was there a little earlier but I had fun for the time I was there. Especially after just coming back from Tennessee haha!

Bi-weekly KOF tournament #2 next monday(2/3/14) at ignite. Free to enter. Systems ps3 and 360.

Top 3 gets any drink at the ignite menu from me.
First placer gets to challenge me for a ignite gift card. FT2.

yaaaaaay free tournaments.

Shinsyn with that luggage assist. It was good to hear you made it back safely. And hell yeah free tournaments

what the fuck this is real?

SRK is actually the Matrix

KOF is back.

Bi-weekly KOF tournament #3 next monday(2/17/14) at ignite. Free to enter. Systems ps3 and 360.

Free tournaments y’all.

This is happening in 15 hours.