The NEW! Complete Necro Thread

Seeing how the necro forum is kind of dead, i decided to create a new necro strategies thread. So i’ll post some necro strategies and ask me anything about necro. I’m not saying i’m good with necro or anything, just trying to learn and share as much as i can.
Oh and necro should at least be mid tier if not high!

Lol, he should be mid. But playing against some karak SRK whores yesterday at a tournaments gives me seconds thoughts on that one :slight_smile:

Oke some tactics that I use when playing Necro. I’m in the same boat as kvn. C, I’m not really good with Necro but I want to learn everything there is to learn about this character.

I use the drill kick really much, I know it’s kinda dangerous against certain match-ups but I’ll keep trying. After the drill kick I (ab)use three different options:
Overhead :hcb: :lk: or :mk: !
Command grab :hcf: any kick, but only after a crouching :lk:
Just simply do nothing walk up and throw the mofo !

Another thing I do against slow dashers is backing up all the way. Do a taunt (up goes your offensive power) and after that do a :hp: or :hk:, a lot of players will storm right at ya when seeing a taunt. As you (should) know, Necro’s :hp: and :hk: will travel a bit farther than the average punch or kick in the game.

What is the best strategy against Shoto’s with Ken?

@kvn. C, your avatar make me epileptic :wow:

wake up hcb + lk is pretty good imo.

what’s hcb+lk? do you mean qcb+lk? why is that good on wakeup? I block on wakeup or throw. Occasionaly I parry and very ocassionaly I do target combo. but only if I think they think I’m gonna throw them. It’s one of those I knew you knew I knew you knew situations.

it can screw up people’s rushdowns (at times) at a sudden moment. it can screw up their thinking also. the only problem that this wake up would face is crouching move that has reach. ie: shoto’s, yun/yangs and chun’s cr. fwd. other than that, it beats out throws and short ranged moves that are meant up close. because of this, you can notice that necro moves back at start up and its a considerable distance.

  • I think that its ok to overuse the drill kicks since i also use it a lot but only to zone in and then do some really damage. The only problem i have when using the drill kicks is to have it be parried. Parrying the drill kicks is not so easy and you are pretty safe if parried so don’t hesitate to abuse the drill kicks. i use a jab hook punch after landing from a hit or blocked drill kick since the opponent will most likely try to retaliate and whatever they do will get stuff by the jab hook unless its a srk. If they get smart and block the jab hooks, just walk forward and grab. Oh and i never use the lk drill kick since its not safe unless its used from max range.

  • I suggest you not use the kick overhead thing too much since its slow and can be punished if blocked.

  • I find necro vs ken matches to be in necros favor. I play a rushdown necro so fighting kens aren’t a problem for me. I just get in close and land a knockdown. From there do mix-ups and watch out for wake up srks. The kens i fight are usually reckless and don’t know what to expect from necro so they try to rush him down because they assume hes really slow and getting close to necro is a big no,no. They end up getting stuned and the K.O. lol i’m not really good at explaining things.

  • epileptic, lol thanks for the comment!

i find qcb+lk to be a bad wake up attack. I’ve been hit and grabed out of it. I dunno how you guys use it but it doesn’t work for me. My wake ups are

  • > strong > super
  • > jab hook
  • grab
  • jump straight up and rh drill kick
  • and the occasional wake up parrys
  • oh and qcb+lp, this is a ok wake up attack since it can’t be grabed and if you get hit out of it you will be in the air and will just recover somehow. I suck at explaining things!

I’d show you how it works if I were able to record some videos…

hcb + lk works considerably well in my game and against really good players here in Toronto. You guys would understand what I mean by it. It’s okay to use it sometimes, as I dont use it everytime. Everytime I use it I my opponent whiff some random thing and if they try to grab, that whiffs too.

Also, hcb + p is good too, except the opponents I face see that coming from a mile and that aint good for my game.

I’ve been questioning my necro play style. I play like a semi rushdown with necro. People tell me that i should turtle more with necro. Or should i just… oh nvm i think i got it!

they aren’t half backs they are qcbs. but that’s okay.

yeah I can understand the moves you back part, thats always useful I guess. I believe I just don’t think i would do it, seems to risky same with the qcb+p. I’d rather just block, but thats they way I play.

So to all the new Necro’s out there, try it out, see if you like it, if it works use it, if it doesn’t stop using it.

As for the drill kicks, they are awesome, if someone really starts to hurt you for doing it by parrying or throwing, maybe stop, but drill kicks are important to necro, so do 'em. As for follow ups, don’t always do jab tornado hook as they are easy to parry. Mix it up when you land. Wait throw, or or Just mix it up after wards. Re dive kick is also a good choice.

how well would walk up grab work for necro as it would for ken?

hahaha Oh man. This move, it works, but you must make your opponent scared. Really fucking scared since necro walks incredibly slowly. But I’ve done it before. Actually every time I try it, it works. You just gotta have cajones. Big Cajones. It’s like Buktooth said. (though he was refering to CVS 2) to win all you have to do is Knock them down, get crazy, and don’t get punched in the grill.

His wack ^^ up throw is indeed slow but peopel seem to buy it all the time. But don’t do it the first time tho. Do a drill kick after that a LP or b+LK en continue with your game. The second or third drill kick should be followed by a throw. Real good peeps will tech you, but after a tech your safe soooo you know when and against who to do it!

I find the wakeup with the kick really bad. I’m getting punished all the time. But I would really like to see a vid how you do it. But then again, I can’t think of any diversation in this move…

Who knows when the necro tutorial is comming out, been waiting for ages -_O

Dealing with Dive Kicks

How do you deal with repeated dive kicks by Yun/Yang in the corner or mid screen please don’t give me anwsers with supers because thats whack and not always available so please give me an resonable answer.

umm I do a couple of things.

I try and back+fierce them on the first one (this depends on their range and such so watch it)


I block, ready for the next dive kick, if I see it happen, I parry. It’s not too tough really. After parry follow up with something.

Other than that there isn’t much you can do.

Actually you may be able to jab him out of the air as he jumps back up but I don’t know if that works.

but dun throw it out randomly cuz it leaves u open. yun users usually do 2 dive kicks in a row so b.fierce when yun jumps bak up for the second dive kick.
if not b.fierce mayb a jab electric thing might work

Either trade blows with b+hp (you’ll recover just in time for a painful db+hp juggle) or denpa. Or anti-air magnetic storm :lovin: B+hp in general is great too if they try to cross you up, even outside of the twins (Ken for example).

Random Tips:
Starting off rounds with is terrific. If they try anything other than blocking, dashing backwards, jumping up, or a shoryuken (which is really unlikely), then they are hit by it. The range is just right for it. Also starting off with is great.

Always during idle time, it charges up meter quickly and usually meter = win for Necro.

If you hit a tiny bit deep with (although you have a lot of legroom with its crazy ass range), you can hit confirm it in to Electric Snake as you land. So, so useful.

This is obvious, but a lot of my matches tend to end with them with less than a centimeter of life left, in the corner, and knocked down. What do you do? Chip to death with fierce denpa :bgrin: Or if they play anyone with a wakeup anti-air, whiff a jab denpa (don’t mash) and bait it.

If you know ahead of time that they’ll block a tornado hook you throw out (whether just off the bat, from a drill kick, or from, make it a jab tornado hook. You get frame advantage afterwards so you can bait out a counter attempt and stuff it with another into a mp tornado hook into Electric Snake.

Learn all of his normals! You can win a game with Necro just using those if you know them well enough. Exploit his crazy range; just don’t get hit by a jab shoryuken from across the screen after throwing a s.hp though lol.

I rarely find any use for qcb+k, but apparently people in tournies like doing it after drill kicks…although I think that’s way too risky. I suppose you could pull a ghetto Makoto tactic and c.wk xx EX qcb+k…

I think drill kick spam is pretty safe unless they have an anti-air super (Shin Shoryuken, Shinryuken, etc.). It’s hard to parry and the timing is really weird depending on the distancing.


  1. How do you guys land mixup throws when they start turtling? c.wp/wk into walk throw seems to be too noticeable to use :sad:

  2. Akuma is one of the worst Necro matchups ever urgh; the most I can hope for is landing an Electric Snake to get his ass stunned ASAP. How do you guys deal with him?

  3. Anyone have the spacings for UOH xx ES?

  4. Does anyone work flying viper into their strategy much?

You guys can actually get a b+HP off on dive kicks in close range specificly after a dive kick is just block or landed? Block stun is crazy for that move.

  1. This is the fun part with Necro. Be stupid with throw setups. What I do with throw setups is:
  • b.fp -> or or (reset) -> wait (block) then throw or just throw.
  • knock opponent down (anywhere, but be up close) -> opponent quick stands or does nothing -> bait out (whiff) -> walk up throw
  • -> mp tornado hook -> wait (bait out) - > throw
  • knock opponent down (anywhere but be up close or 1 character away)-> walk up (do nothing) -> crouch (do nothing) -> walk up -> throw
  • know opponent down (anywhere but be up close or 1 character away) -> crouch for a second -> dash up -> throw.

You can make up alot of setups with Necro.

  1. Not hard really. Just remember to not jump very often in midscreen against Akuma. When it comes to air to air, Akuma > Necro. Just stick to your ground game and get Akuma cornered. Once cornered, mix up your throws and dive kicks.

  2. I dont know much about spacings but the timing for when you opponent gets up is key (well, imo) for a UOH xx ES. Just keep in mind that every character has different lengths of time to get up from a knockdown.

  3. Yes I do and I also incorporate the qcb + k for being a decent wake up as well. The Flying Viper is OK for me to use but not that great. Reason being is that you can see it coming from A MILE AWAY. The EX version is great though. The best way to use it is to use it while your pressuring your opponent into the corner, either off of a or or whatever. Same goes for the qcb + k.

qfb p is great in the necro weak up becuase a lot of chars have good rush down game on you weak up (alex , makoto , chun, etc)
if oponent try a grab they are hit with this
if oponent try hit you the most of times you float and hit in the recovery of oponent move

please understand i not speak english