The New Era Outlaw Art Thread!

Howdy, fellow Shoryuken-ners.
I’ve been a member for a while now, but I guess I haven’t shown up much, other than being a royal spaz in the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 section. In any case, I want to share some of my artwork with you guys, just to see what you think.

Also, seeing as how this is a fighting game forum, I’ll only post up work that relates to them. So now, here is a drawing of Roll (from Marvel vs. Capcom 2) and Asuka Kazama (from Tekken 5):

I hope you guys enjoy them.
If you want to see more of my work, you can pay:

…a visit.

Until then, see you later! :lol:

That Roll line art is mint. :tup:


Ohhhh man, that Roll is too good.

Seriously, thats all I needed to see today. :tup:


Anyhoo, here’s the coloured version to that lineart:


That’s some dope shit.

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That’s awesome.

A taste of things to come…

holy crap man thats too good :tup:

Nice colored Roll!

you should post other stuff too, dont be discouraged by the name of the forum!

whoa~! I somehow didn’t comment in your thread the last time around?
good stuff, hope to see more of it!

and woof is right, don’t worry too much abt the genre thing. We generally appreciate good art :slight_smile:

Thanks, guys.
Maybe I’ll post up some of my other works here, including some sketches for my upcoming comic “Countdown to Ragna Rock”, but…in due time.

Anyway, the coloured version of my latest work:

…hope you guys like it.

So, last night I was in somewhat of a bad mood, so I decided to take it out on canvas.

I figured that Roll X, an old fan character I did up way back in 2002, wasn’t getting enough love from me, so I drew her up. On Chimpo’s advice, I made her armor a lot more practical this time around, instead of being a fashion plate.

And, just so you wouldn’t get alienated from what Roll usually looks like, I made her costume predominantly red and white, and kept her trademark hair ribbon.

For those of you in the dark who Roll X is, no, she’s not the watch, she’s supposed to be a version of Roll for the X series as a companion model to Mega Man X.

NEO’s Jukebox: (a.k.a. the songs that guided me throughout this piece)

  • Alia & Gate (Mega Man X6 OST)
  • Papa Don’t Preach (Madonna)

Roll Keiji Inafune and CAPCOM.

To show my appreciation towards my fans on Deviantart, here’s something I did to celebrate 25,000 pageviews.

…Beat’s one baaaad mama jamma.

looks great, man. i really like the composition.
a few crits though/ i think you can go more round with the balloons. and that balloon in front of servbot seems oddly placed. also, there are a lot of tangents going on throughout the piece- like the boombox and the whistle, servebot’s hand and the guy’s foot, the ribbon and the blue balloon.
but overall, this piece looks good. lots of excitment all around

Thanks, Tokoyama! Yeah, I know…the balloon does seem oddly placed. Or rather, the Servbot, since I drew him in at the last second on the balloon itself.

By the way, forgive me for asking this but ah…what’s a ‘tangent’? Is that, by chance, one of the parallel lines leading to a vanishing point?

it’s when two or more objects, not necessary meet, but create an illusion that they’re touching each other at the tip and creating a flat plain. in this case, it’s working against you because you want to show more depth between characters and spacing. and by creating these tangents, your piece looks flatter than it should.

Great work dude!

Ah. I see what you mean. Thanks for the tip!

Aye, let’s post up somethin’, ah? Been a while.

Some lineart I did of Roll as she appears in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Listened to [media=youtube]3b-VcVv8Yhg&feature=related[/media] while I was drawing.

Superb stuff mate.