The New Evo South

This is a poll to see if Final Round should be the new Evo South. It’ll still be Final Round at heart but also be an official qualifer for Evo World.

Final Round was such a good tourny. Cant wait to go again.

Considering you are neither an Evo staff member, nor a FR staff member…

Considering these kinds of things have a lot go into them that maybe 1% of SRK knows about…

Considering no vote would make a difference in this matter…

… I deem this thread useless.

either TS or FR would do nicely.

Maybe TS could still be Evo South, and FR be the new Evo Southeast.

I think it’s a good idea…but not for this year. FR is only 2 weeks away, not enough notice for players who didn’t plan on going originally.