The New Fist of the Star/Hokuto no Ken thread


I’m making this thread mostly so that people have a concise place to read answers to they’re frequently asked questions. Doing this wasn’t really possibly in the last thread, due to the chronological sequence of the posts in the old thread.

For the old thread:

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Frequently Asked Questions

*How can I play this game? *

A PS2 port of the arcade game is schelude so far to be out on March 29, 2007.

Here are the known arcades that have it:

Kong Man Center - NYC, NY
Planet Zero Anime Center - Houston, TX
Arcade Infinity - Rowland Heights, LA County, CA
Family Fun Arcade. Granada Hills, CA
Lion’s Lair Arcade - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Gametown - Zurich, Switzerland

Members here with the game:

Arizona, USA - Hydra632
SoCal - Deadly Magneto
Atlanta, GA - NobitaKun (?)

Or you can you purchase an atomiswave and the game cart yourself.

Where can I purchase the game?

For buying online, Coinopexpress sells Atomiswave systems and HnK game carts. You can also try online auctions such as Ebay.

To buy off online, try asking your local arcade manager for contacts of his vendors, and try to purchase the game from them.

Has the game been released/Will the game be released on console yet?

Yes. As already said, Sega plans to release it on the PS2 in March 29th, of 2007.

Have they said whether or not they’re updating the game?

Nope. No word…for now.

*Has the OST of the game been released? *

No, not yet, but there’s a link somewhere in this thread, near the end, but I’m not going to link.

Specific Game Questions

Is there a movelist and general explanation about the game’s system?

Yes. Nonoho’s excellent FAQ.

Any good sites for info about the game? - HnK forum - Contains the most detailed and comprehensive info about the game. - Has moved past HnK, but gets recognization for providing mostly combos and complete movelists.
The old thread -
This thread, obviously. :slight_smile:

*Any good sites for videos? *

Taken from my thread off of

Stage 4 @ Filebank:
Note that filebank only works with IE and that you’ll need filebank’s ftp software to dl the videos.
Password: hokuto

KSK’s GamersVision ranbats:

Note: You need a bittorent program in order to download videos off of his site. Bitcomet works the best. Not updated as much as the 3s ranbats.

Flash video sites:,, etc.

Those sites and they’re counterparts are somewhat good for videos when they are taken down by website, but often these videos that get upload at the said sites aren’t credited and dated, so you can’t tell if the videos are old and where the heck they came from if you don’t already have them. So I usually don’t search for videos on those sites unless someone points me to new ones that are on those sites.

Possible dead links

Combo videos/Misc:

Help me add to this list.

Credits for this FAQ:

Deadly Magneto

*Note: Will be updated when needed.


crosses fingers for a ps2 port in TGS


Scans from the arcade guide.


Its availible in Phoenix, AZ at my house only I think, lol. Anyone in the area is welcome to come over and play. I’ve also heard its at Arcade Infinity in Cali, not sure what city thats in.


Rowland Heights, LA County, CA…


Heads up, it is NOT in Nickel City, IL. AFAIK, there is no running cab in the Chicagoland area.


Thanks for the corrections.

BTW Hydra, I was going to include the people who do have the cabs in the location section, but I figured it’d be best not to for privacy reasons. Though if people want me to include them into the list, I’d be glad to do so.


I wish I understood why Sega-Sammy feels the need to release 5 million different versions of the Hokuto no Ken Pachinco game on console, and yet refuses to give this a console release…


Its not a problem. Deadly Magneto also has an atomiswave/FotNS setup with a supergun out in Cali.


Hi Everyone I posted Thouthers Infinite video for you guys to see. Please give me your opinion on it, if you need any assitence on anything.

Thank you!


Just today i noticed or saw that SHIN has an infinte also… interisting huh… :slight_smile:


Part 2



Your combo being an infinite? Probably not since you need that super to do that combo, so you would need to find some way to link the super while comboing if you wanted to do it infinitely. And ultimately though, you’d need some way to build boost bar fast enough, since re-wall bouncing your opponent would be the only way to beat gravity in your combo. That’s definitely not possible with your combo.

Though your combo possibly could be a 100%. When you stopped comboing you took off ~3/4’s of Rei’s life, and it looks like you can boost to the other corner to catch up with him if you boost a bit more early. The video is too blur to tell how much of the meter you had left for the speed super, but I’m guessing that you probably need need to find a non-speed super wall combo to kill him with. Shouldn’t be difficult though to finish the combo though, since you used banishing strike and auto boosted, so you should still have two boost bars to use and a super when your maxed out.

Either way, that’s a beastly combo! Good job finding it. :tup: And if you ever do finish it, be sure to post it up in here!




This infinte can be done without the SUPER SPEED and on all charecters.
Yes i quite agree that I boosted quickly i might catch up to him, but… this needs extreme timing and not button mashing, if its done correctly the chareter wont fly away. Trust me.

and anyways Thank you for your wonderful comment.


For the people who have seen the Video, this infinte can be done three ways:

1.with super speed connecting it with CD then dash forward.

2.without Super speed connecting with Cd then dash forward.

  1. one with or without super speed and that is quiarter circle foward and A and then C and then D, then quickly BOOOST and let your body face the opposite side, depeding on where your body is facing ( if you are right face left , if left face right) and press down C.

in order for you to charge quick boost which is quite frankly is easy knock your oppent to the floor then quickly throw a nanto fire ball in the air , and then quickly go down and charge the CD, while your opponent is about to wake up leaving him no chance to wake up quickly, but instead defending himself from the fireball and quickly enabling you to hit him with CD. which charges you with having a BOOST. or more.



Well, I know that cr.C links into itself, but I figured it with the speed it was coming out, it looked to me like there was no way that you could get that many hits without the super. I’m not sure about that though as I hardly played Thouther, and don’t play the game anymore.

It doesn’t matter if you have perfect timing and don’t allow for your opponent to fly away, because you have to beat gravity. No matter what you do, air combos, the longer they are, the more gravity they will have which will pull the juggled character towards the ground quicker. Though, like I said, you can beat gravity, which is what all 100% combos in this game do. One way is to make your opponent to stop wall bouncing, which resets they’re gravity, to which you can wall bounce them again to get the combo to last longer. It’s the only way you can continue your combo.


You can’t re-wallbounce someone after you de-wallbounce them because the wall pushback doesn’t reset. One punch pushes you the whole way across the screen. In some cases you can do it an extra time (Raoh can below 20 hits or so), but not really after that.

As far as beating gravity for infinites goes, you can’t with air combos, only with OTG combos. To do that, you need a fast low hitting move and some way to counter the pushback. Mamiya is the only one I know who can do it forever since she has the weird launch super.

Can’t watch the vid though since Youtube is down again.


new vids from Game41

save the vids while you still can.


Might want to change that to
Gamefaqs doesn’t like people linking directly to faqs.


There’s also one in SLP, MN. Along with KOF XI and SS6! :wgrin:


Yup, next to NGBC too!:bluu:


There’s a machine at Family Fun Arcade (FFA) in Granada Hills, CA. No one ever plays, though.