The NEW Heroes of Newerth Thread


I searched earlier threads and believe they are in archived. So here we go.

This game is basically a faster version of IceFrog’s DOTA and DOTA 2. Anything from there applies here.

I usually play with MWP (Midwest Proz, they are not really pros :D) but mostly solo que. I can support, initiate or carry, but I usually support b/c it’s usually what the team needs (no one wants to be ward b****). But warding is probably the most important thing at high levels of game-play.

For newcomers, the game is F2P.

Sign up, add Jayinfinite and let’s game. :tup:

Come here to talk about strats, metas, chill, w/e. I’ll keep this thread updated.


3.5 patch is making Nullstone recipeless (only 3000 gold…). No one calls it Linken’s but I do :D. Lots of heroes will get severely buffed/nerfed by this.

Basic laning phase:

Sentinel side

  • looks like the most stable lanes run mostly a suicide, 2 mid, jungler, and solo, with mid support alternating between mid and bot
  • other times it’s suicide, 2 mid, 2 bot
  • I’m still at a bracket with the basic 2-1-2, but I’ll climb

My personal strong picks (preferable, not always):

MID: Drunken, Maliken, Pebbles, DeadWood, Kraken (PK abusing, snowballing, sturdy heroes, Maliken snowballs hard and has blink naturally), sometimes I’ll run Sil vs melee. PK Sil if things are going well. If I get doubled I’ll call for support.

SUPPORT: Empath, Rhapsody

JUNGLE: Solstice, War Beast, Tempest

SOLO: same as mid, add Swift Blade and Prisoner

SUICIDE: Wildsoul, Silhouette, Tree, Jereziah, Plague Rider, Bubbles, Hag, Scout very rarely Grinex

I’ll play a few games tonight.

EDIT: game still averages 100k players every night, if you play DOTA your skills apply here!


I used to play a lot of HoN a few years ago. Just reinstalled it last week to try out the new custom map which is pretty fun. Maybe I’ll give HoN another shot.


LOL let’s be real bro, newcomers are NOT welcome in HoN. Be real, my man. They are just straight up not allowed.


You guys should leave an IGN here or PM me. I’ll put them up in the OP.

I think the HON develepers should have had more foresight into developing bots sooner. IIRC, some custom maps in WC came with bot implementation. In the case of DOTA, the bots the community wrote were perfect for learning. LoL has a much better method of transitioning from being a new player to someone who’s not terrible. It’s interesting because whether or not that was intended, it’s part of their system and it works. It’s either that or use a smurf account and avoid rage.

I agree with you, except, this place is as unforgiving as it gets. The HON community simply doesn’t compare. But fear not, I’m only here to game. :tup: