The New Jersey Thread, Roc Boys in the building(get money) v.2.83


Lets not start no soap opera drama. This aint no WWF shit. We Jersey, the kings of the sandbox, the emperors of the turnpike, and the Lords of the Landfills. Keep it real like Hellmanns Mayo son. Holla at us…:nunchuck:

first and foremost we have
-fng-@ willowbrook mall(now closed -_-,)
-the break-@ dunnellen
-fran/serg’s house?
and where else for play?(this will fill in)


as far as players go:

iono what else would be smart to put up.


Name: Juan
Town: Wayne New Jersey (til the 25th)
Games: Mvc 2, Cvs 2 (act NOW!)

name: supermin
town/county: ridgewood/bergen
games: cvs2, ill play whatever
aim: djjazzyjeff3000

name: Brian/vertoxz/vert
town/county:Glen Rock/Bergen County
games: Basically only SF4
aim: beck360

Name: Nick/Cataract
Town/County: Rochelle Park/Bergen
Games: HDR, SF4, CvS2

Name: Stadic
Town/County: Closter, Bergen County
Games: Fighting, Action-Adventure, Shmups
Aim: ateteethtoeatyou (aim, although I’m never on)

name: Shae
town/county: hudson county . north bergen
games: street fighter 4 . mvc2 . kof12 . blazblue
aim/msn/icq/whatever: murder fifth

name: Kevin
town/county: Maywood/Bergen
games: I play just about everything. Mostly cvs2/mb/capcom shit
aim: Zaelar

name: Master Chibi
town / county: Hackensack / Bergen
games: Everything.

name: Jollies
town/county: Mount Ephraim/Camden
games: 3S, GGXX:AC, SSBM, casual MvC2 & CvS2
aim: j0llies

Name: Ari
Town/County: Bellmawr, Camden County
Games: SFIV, Tekken 6, Catan, Carcassonne, Rock Band 2
AIM: Ari22682

Name: Neesa
Town/County: Sicklerville, Camden County (til Jan. Then back up to JC for TCNJ!)
Games: Borderlands, SFIV (kinda), Rock Band 2, DJ Hero, Splosion Man, more to come after Christmas.
AIM: Negative Neesa

name: Jeremy
town/county: Camden County
games: SF4, Garou: MOTW, starting MB:AA
name: GpL
town/county: Mount Ephraim; Camden
games: Street Fighter (preferably ST, HDR, SF4) SSBM… Play a little bit of everything
aim/msn/icq/whatever: Aim = GZUZ90210

name: Andreas/sergio
town/county: Montclair/Essex
games: 3s
aim: sergiothree

name: Hasani aka Kraiden
hometown: Franklin
town/county: Hackensack, Essex county
games: Just SF4

Location:Belleville,NJ/ Essex County
Games: MVC2, 3S but i play others too.
aim: damdominican23

PSN: SheezyisBACK
Location: Bloomfield, NJ/Essex County
Games: SFIV, and MvC2 (when that shit finally drops this summer)

name: Josh
town/county: montclair/essex, bitchass
games: 3S, MvC2, Tekken 5
aim: ScumdogRp7

name: Ken/Henaki
area: Montclair/Essex you slut
games: 3s, GG, will try other fighters
aim: a lot of effs

name:Manny/ Madness
town/county:Newark/ Essex
im looking 4 people in my area 2 contact me 4 sessions

Name: Ron
Town/county: West Orange/Newark, Essex County
Games: 3S
AIM: YCat Says

name: Manny
town: Kearny, NJ/Hudson County
games: Street Fighter, MMO’s, First Person
aim: Chr0nik85

Name: Alphonzo aka Fonz or Fonzi
location: Bayonne/Hudson County
games: SFIV/BB/KOF XII/ 3rd Strike
PSN: cool_rain
aim: alphonzosays

Name: Xx4Sh0xX
Town/county: Bayonne/Jersey City
Games: SSBM/MvC2/3s/GG/
Aim/msn/icq/whatever: RicanPlayboi777
Willing to play!

Name: X_x
Town/county: Jersey City/Hudson
Games: SSBM/3s/HnK
Aim: ImGettinNoSleep

name: knoccout44
town/county: jersey city/Hudson
games: any fighting game
aim: knoccout44

name: Rigel
town/county: East Windsor/Mercer
games:Guilty Gear, 3s, SF4
aim: Preludetochaos

Name: Barry
town/county:East Windsor/Plainfield
games:mostly just tekken and sf

town: Princeton/Mercer
games: Super Turbo, Third Strike, GG, Smash Brawl, TvC, MvC2, CvS2, and anything else you have
AIM: Joldaerath

Name: Daryl
Town: West Windsor/Mercer
Games: 3s, GG, KoF XI, CvS 2, Hokuto no Ken.
Aim: videogamemastah

name: Ken Yim/Kaii
town/county: East Windsor/Mercer
games: Street Fighter III: Third Strike
aim/msn/icq/whatever: AIM - Kenscreamed

name: Ross Cohen/Aremsi
town/county: East Windsor/Mercer
games: Street Fighter III: Third Strike
aim/msn/icq/whatever: AIM - SELF METHOD

Name: Jerry/Nives
Town/County: West Windsor/Mercer
Games: Guilty Gear, dabble a bit in melty blood, and 3s.
AIM: INives

name: Eugene/Wonsang
town/county: West Windsor/Mercer
games: 3S
aim/msn/icq/whatever: WonsangAndBass

Name:Joey to the muthafuckin Crack
Town/County: Trenton/Mercer (now also beastin in AC in case SNJ pussies want it)
Games: CVS2(k-Ken Cammy Sagat) GG(Baiken) 3s(Q, Ryu) ST(Guile, Ryu, O.Sagat Sagat)

                     name: Kristoff aka KTOFF

town/county: Piscataway, NJ
games: SF4, CvS2, Soul Cal series (referred to here from
aim: ktoffcola/ PSN Tag: KTOFF

name: Nick aka Dynicksty
town/county: Piscataway, NJ, right next to the break!
games: SF4, smash, some 3s
aim: souksmeng
psn: Dynicksty

Name: Phil
Town/County: Piscataway/Middlesex county
Games: Everything. Mainly MVC2, I dabble in 3s, EFZ, Big Bang Beat, Arcana Heart, Melty Blood (Re-Act Final, haven’t played AC yet),MVC1. I’m willing to try/learn anything.
AIM: Phil Is Like

town/county:Parlin/Middlesex County
games:,halo,forza 2,gears 1&2

Name: dmbrandon / diem
Location: Old Bridge, NJ/Middlesex County
Games: SF4, SSBB, 3s, and anything else you’d wanna play.
aim: idmbrandonl
XBL: dmbrandon

Name: Chen Li Cha
Town/county: Piscataway,NJ
Games: SF4, HD Remix, SF2 Turbo, street fighter, Smash bros/other games but not so much.
aim/msn/icq/whatever: Aim: Chen Li Cha

name: VPT
town/county: Rutgers New Brunswick/Piscataway and Monmouth County
games: SF4, SFIII:3S, CvS2, ST/HDR, SFA3, and a little KoF98.
aim/msn/icq/whatever: Just PM me. I mostly play at arcades and maybe at game-centers or game-stores.

Name: Brandon aka iThr0w
Location: Tinton Falls, NJ/Monmouth County
Games: SFIV - Guile player
AIM: AFireInside5655

Name: Alan ‘St1ckBuG’ Bakes
Location: Rutgers New Brunswick (Busch Campus) '09
Games: GGAC/SF4/3S
AIM: almu 2000

name: Phillip a.k.a. "KDZ"
town/county: Piscataway, NJ
games: SoulCalibur4, Melty, T6BR, Tatsunoko, a little 3s, a little VF, a lot of BlazBlue and SF4
aim/msn/icq/whatever: SoL Eyeshield 21

name: Kevin/Malik_Gynax
town/county: Trenton/Monmouth

Name: Raymond “RIL” Lee
Location: Holmdel NJ/Monmouth County
Games: GGAC/AH2/CVS2/SF4
AIM: riseneagle12

name: Esteban
town/county: Manalapan, NJ/Monmouth County
games: Guilty Gear, SFIV, some SCIV, SFHDR, Tekken 6, TvC, and many more
aim/msn/icq/whatever: wtfesteban (hardly on due to school work tho)

games: 3S, GG
aim: jurand5050

name: robert sigley
town: kenilworth and annandale
games: anything except that hentai shit
aim: rsigley001

name: Adam Hamot
town/county: Randolph/Morris County
games: Street Fighter 4
AIM: th3 who 92

Where:(school in toronto canada but for thanksgiving/holiday time) Parsipanny, Morris county
games: I’m a serious GG player (no slash ever but #r and AC are good to go), casualer in 3s.

Name: SLiK
Town/County: Boonton/Morris
Games: Soul Calibur 4, SF4, CvS2, Initial D, Maximum Tune

town/county:dover / morris
games:mainly Mvc2 and CvS2, but i play anything
aim/msn:anesnk3 /

Name: Kevin/shadyf0o
Town/County: Morris County
Games: Streetfighter 4
Aim: N/A

name: Sensei
town/county: Jefferson (Morris County), NJ
games: SSB64, SSBM, SSBB (lol), 3s, SF2, willing to play almost anything
aim: JediSmash86

name: Jon
town/county: Randolph, Morris
games: MvC2, Guilty Gear, 3S, n shit
aim/msn/icq/whatever: Scrutiny17
I got 0 competition around me so my skillz is < par. help

name: Frank aka Thor
town/county: Edison (south), NJ (duh)
games: MvC2, Soul Calibur series (any of em, but my best is 2)
aim/msn/icq/whatever: aim=thor97542

name: Rob
town/county: Jackson / Ocean
games: Guilty gear, SSBM
aim/msn/icq/whatever: Metalpanic21

name: justin
town/county: Toms River/Ocean County
alias: iora
games: GGXX/\C, AH (casual), CvS2 (casual), 3S (very casual), MBAC (casual), motherfuckin rhythm games at the break ^_-
contact info: PM or AIM (saetzero)

name: sean/gbursine
town/county:Toms River/Ocean County
games: mvc2, vampire savior, 3rd strike, ST, ssbm, & i dabble in cvs2, #R(just #R), cfe, magical drop 3, super puzzle fighter
aim: gbursine

Name: Dylan
Town/County: Phillipsburg/Warren
Games: SF4
AIM: Dyldo13x

name: Greg AKA Sinistar71
town/county: Waretown/Ocean
games: GG:/, willing to play just about anything
aim : Gregbono

name: Godson/Caller ID
town/county: Paterson, Passaic county
games: 3s & ST

name: Nemhyz
town/county: Passaic County
games: SFII, MvC2, and soon SFIV
aim: Nemhyz

name: Archetype aka Arch aka DAT MANG aka Yams Douglas aka THE FIRM
town/county: North Plainfield/Somerset
games: 3s, cvs2, ST, marvel, vampire(i suck), tekken 5(i suck hard), cfj(lol)
aim/msn/icq/whatever: aim = meat564

name: Orville AKA Dilly, ask about me.
town/county: Somerset/New Brunswick
games: MvC1, MvC2 and anything else I suck at.
aim/msn/icq/whatever: sofakingdilly

Name: Daniel/World Warrior
Town/County: Union/Union.
Games: I play the ThreeS mainly, but always down for some Super Turbo.
AIM: “worLd warrior”

Name: Jason “Scoony Jay” Scoon
County/Town: Union/Union
Games: SF4, HDR, and 3s
AIM: JCS4390

Name: Phil McFly
Town/County: Westfield/Clark/Union County
Games: SF2, SF3, SF4, CvS2, Tekken whatever. SC whatever., XvSF, MvCvsSF
Games I play but am Terrible at: Guilty Gear whatever, Melty Blood Whatever, MvC2
Aim: N/A

Name: Keith Easter
Town: Newark, NJ aka BRICK CITY
Game: Tekken, Capcom Fighters, (MvC2, CvS2, 3S, ST etc)
AIM: PostmanKE730 or aimis20

Name: illezt/Stephen
Town: Paramus/New Brunswick (Rutgers)
Games: MvC2
AIM: itzdeej

Name: John-Michael or JMIKE
Town/county: Clifton
Games: MvC2/3s/DDR/ITG2
Aim: Jmicha3L

Name: Ben/Altron
AIM: AltronZ9
Games: 3’s, CvS2, MvC2

Name: Pete/Hahano
Aim: Hahano9
Games: 3S, GG
I make and repair sticks :smiley:

Name: Mac
Town: Clifton, NJ
AIM: a sleeping mac
Games: initial D, Wangan Midnight MT3, 3s, and MVC2


name: Eric
town/county: Toms River / Ocean
games: Street Fighter 2 lineage, SF3
aim/msn/icq/whatever: nekoboyeriku

name: Geo/Cadenza (roman.canceL)
town/county: Edison, NJ
games: GG, some MBAC, and a little bit of a bunch of other fighters
aim: kyuketsukii

name: Michael (statikeffeck)
town/county: Asbury Park, NJ
games: SF3: 3rd Strike, Alpha 3, CvS2
aim/msn/icq/whatever: i just use e-mail now: statik at djmp . org

name: Auto
town/county: Glassboro/ Gloucester County
games: 3S, ST, Melee(runs to smashboards)
aim/msn/icq/whatever: NajeeForPrez934(aim)

Name: NoCarsGo
Location: Fair Lawn during the week. Jackson on the weekends
Games: SC4, SF4, PowerStone
PSN: NoCarsGo
GT: DeadAirSpace

name : Juno
town/county: sparta NJ / sussex county
games: Any fighting game Capcom or SNK, Shooters, any adventure games
aim: and2458

Town: Mahwah, North Jersey
Games: Third Strike, SF4, Blazblue, MvC2, SSF2THDR
I don’t use Aim but I am on Steam all the time: GeneralConvo
Xbox Live: General Convo

name: tofu64
town/county: Pleasantville, Atlantic County
games: street fighter 4 . mvc2 .Tekken6. blazblue, SC4,SSF2THD

Njit game club hype it up 9 tournament (newark, nj)

East coast knows drama.


I’m one point from being banned because I got baited…

and I still don’t have a money match.

You guys going to CTF?

I saw some people from here post in that thread.


Finally ShadedWolf got banned (again). It was fun at first, but it degenerated to poo flinging pretty quick.

Anyways, add me to the first post

Name: illezt/Stephen
Town: Paramus/New Brunswick (Rutgers)
Games: MvC2
AIM: itzdeej


hate hate hate


I was going to make this thread and call it “The New Jersey Thread, now with 100% less ShadedWolf” :frowning:

I’ll be going next week from the tourney, hope I get to meet you when I go.


this is the worst thread title ever, callin it “CRANK DAT JERZEEEEEEEE” would have been better in all honesty

also its my fault the old thread got closed sorry i figured reporting shadedwolf would just get him banned not a thread close :frowning:




No ECC this year, we bringing ECD back!

…is anyone actually going to the break tomorrow?


ill be at the break tomorrow w/ Mac after 5 philll


stop snitching


dipset dipset dipset


That’s us that purple city byrd gang.




Where the hell did that list of everyone in NJ except me come from.


the old thread duke, it was the first page


Oh I never read that shit. Word.


how come you dont have me on there? I live at Mins house, my name is Min Whoa


Man that list format is fucking ugly, you should fix it up, at least Bold the categories or color something.


not to create drama again, but if someone can get in contact with Dean Jan aka ShadedWolf

i will be there 8pm

lets fucking do this