The New Jersey Thread, Roc Boys in the building(get money) v.2.83

You guys, is there a Facebook group page, for Washington NJ casuals/events? I’m new to the scene and I need a place to start. If it matters, I only play Marvel.

Town: Pennington
Games: (Main) - BlazBlue
(Adequate&Occasional) - SkullGirls, UMvC3, PA4, SC, etc
PSN/360: HalfDarkShadow

Honestly, I’m willing to really start putting something great together. Even if I can only get two friends/partners to play with, or getting a whole tournament going, I’m ready and willing to do it. I would love to put something together(I even know a nice place to rent out for video game tournaments), so if anyone really wants to do something and bring this local scene a bit more alive, definitely leave me a message, because I definitely believe we can bring the NJ community together, whether it being big or small.

the NJ facebook group is “NJ Fighting Game Scene”

Whose tryin to play tonight? I live in north NJ so anyone in that area hit me up. GOGOGO!

PSN: Stadic_

Location: Newark (north jersey)
Game: Umvc3
Tag = paulcbman

Oh shit, NJ is looking alive and well, waddup Dicknasty?

On another note a friend and I are hosting an online tourney for dat ass Shoryuken Showdown [ TBD] -_- XBL

I remember this thread

yo paul check your inbox, anyone in union county or 908 PM me for some locals

Hey all, looking for some training partners n get some practice in. Work limits my time but if you wanna get some sessions in send me a message

Location: Newark
Game: UMvC
Tag: xdiscotetrisx

Just coming in here to stress that you will find most of the NJ and Philly scene on Facebook. Hit it up.

Need a scene. I’m in hazlet new jersey, i mostly play umvc3 or street fighter AE. HELPPPP!!!

ayo, check this out if u in the need for some fight money n think u got what it takes to win in either marvel, AE, Xtekken n either TTT2 or SC5 (which ever crowd shows up to play will be the one we run)

so bring your whole crew for a good time

Live in the Pal Park/Fort Lee area. Recently found time to play fighting games again. Trying to learn P4A, but also have KOF, SFxT, SF4 AE

psn and xbl is pjj5001

I haven’t been on this thread in forever since we have the facebook group but id figure id ask on here anyway since there a few people that arent there.  Anyone here play SC5?  I have a group of solid players I play with offline regularly but they are in the Philly area and I cant play with them certain times of the year.  Also, I would love to see some new faces and would love to help some people out.

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<div class=“QuoteAuthor”>@<a href="/profile/48777/pow_3r">pow_3r</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>Town/County: Jersey City/Hudson County<br>
Games: UMVC3, P4<br>
Live GT: pow3r xbl<br>
If you wanna get some crack sessions going just shoot me a message.<br>
I’m also down for offline casuals (don’t be a creeper thanks).</div>

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<div class=“QuoteAuthor”>@<a href="/profile/69895/X51">X51</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>Town/County: Jersey City/Hudson County<br>
Games: UMVC3<br>
Live GT: xAerialAssaultx<br>
I’m always down for some casuals on or offline. Really would help to have a training partner.</div>

<br><blockquote class=“Quote”>
<div class=“QuoteAuthor”>@<a href="/profile/10231/Therafluprints">Therafluprints</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>I live in the Hudson/Bergen County area, and though I posted already a long time ago, I just wanna emphasize how available I am to play Marvel, AE, P4A, SG, KOF13, and I guesssssssssssss SFxT(???). I’m really not all that amazing, but I AM putting in effort and still strive to get better, and I REFUSE to let the Jersey scene die out. So please please please, hit me up if you want to get some games in, I even have no problem driving to you. And even if you don’t intend on hitting me up, please please please do what you can to keep the scene alive. I know life gets busy and you can’t always get to weeklies (believe me, I work full time and come home exhausted every night), but just don’t sit around and wait for next major player to rise or waste your time hoping that Desk releases some newfound broken tech for your main. Stand up, it’s something I definitely feel strongly for, and I believe in all of you.<br>
AIM: zeitgeist island<br>
FB: <a href=“” rel=“nofollow” class=“bbcode_url”></a><br>
XBL/PS3: therafluprints</div>

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<div class=“QuoteAuthor”>@<a href="/profile/46446/Dis">Dis</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>town/county: Jersey City/Hudson County<br>
games: Mostly P4A these days, some marvel and AE experience.<br>
easiest way to reach me is my skype: Corporalalex<br>
if either of you two above me (x51 or therafluprints) or anyone for that matter wants to get some games in I am totally down. Really wanna up my persona game, but shit I’ll play some marvel or AE or whatever else.</div>

I’m down to play any of you Jersey City guys. I don’t have a place of my own right now so I’m only mobile. Just shoot me a PM. I work far as FUCK (Belleville by public transportation is a bitch from Jersey City) so I wake up too early to hang out during weeknights and am only available on weekends if I don’t spend them in NY. I’m down for Marvel or Guilty Gear, though.

Anyone here plays tekken tag 2? Union county here. Add me on PSN: sandiegopaolo

I’m looking for anyone who wants to play offline, or even local online players.

Town/County: Point Pleasant/Ocean County, I regularly commute to Toms River and through Brick as well.
Games: SFxT, TTT2, AE, Skullgirls*, 3S* and KoF13*, open to trying any other games as well.
GT: SnowMonkey24

*I’m absolutely terrible at these games but I’d love to learn them if I had a sparring partner.

Looking for new friends in the FGC. Looking for casual matches in NJ. I can host in Newark NJ (hope I didn’t scare anyone off). I’m a UMVC3 and sfxt player for PS3. Wouldn’t mind learning others though. Looking for new friends and new sparring partners. 420 welcome. Always wanted to go to dunnelan NJ and check out the top players. Dominating with low tier is my passion.
GT(ps3): Moss_Ur_Mom

Town/County: Jersey City/Hudson County
Games: SFxT mostly but can play others.
Live GT: I XplicitMind I

Looking to do some SFxT sessions tonight if anyone is reading this. lol

Town/County: Glassborro/Gloucester County
Games: UMvC3/SSFIV
PSN: KillaRock

Trying to get more experience.