The New Kamen Rider Thread: IN SPAAAAAACE

So it looks like the old Tokusatsu thread is gone, and the PR/Sentai thread seems to be doing its thing just fine, so I’ll just do a KR thread this time.

So here’s the next Kamen Rider. His name is Fourze (or Fouze, not sure what the official romanization is yet). He has a space shuttle head and a literal rocket-punch:

He will also be crossing over with OOO in the next movie:


Don’t know how to feel about that design, I like everything but the helmet adn the Rocket punch looks stupid. Felt the same way about OOO and I ended up liking the design awhole lot though.

It’s always a cycle.

>Everyone hates the new Kamen Rider design
>Show starts off and everyone starts taking a liking to it
>By the end, the design wasn’t that bad after all

HUGE Kyodain homage if I ever saw one.

Wait did OOO finished?

Naw, we’ve still got about 10 eps left, more or less, but the info for the new series got released yesterday (due to him debuting in the upcoming OOO movie).

OOO is still awesome, btw.

Oh cool, will watch OOO eventually ;3
New Kamen Rider looks hilarious IMO, but here’s hoping it’ll be as fun as OOO.

hate the design but will give it a chance.

Actually the first thing that came to my mind was Kamen Rider Super 1.

But yes, I do hate the design right now, but as DatFatLee mentioned it is just a phase unless the show turns out to suck.

I’m actually quite skinny sir :X

I actually like the look, he reminds me of a Space Shuttle (coloring and concept, plus the rocket punch). Seems cool to me, will check it out, never seen Kamen Rider much.

personally I love the design, it harkens back to the uber-wacky retro toku designs but with a modern coat of paint. As out there as the costume is I’m willing to bet that it is going to be exactly like every other KR show that comes out lately. Lots of collectible crap, pretty boys, and a rich old CEO as the villain.

Wow, that’s good that we’re getting a new one.
In addition to OOO, Den O was pretty awesome.
The four personas.

The last Kamen Rider series I really liked were Blade and Faiz. All the newer ones have such shitty costumes. =/

Yeah, but they grow on you and at least with the last two the writing and fights have been strong enough to carry it beyond the looks of the Rider design. I mean Kamen Rider Birth is stupid as fuck design wise (Green and silver with glowing red Flame decals on the head/visor?) But it is one of my favorites supporting Riders now.

Although hearing this is going to feature a high school protagonist doesn’t fill me with absolute confidence for Fourze. What ever happens it can’t be worst then Decade.

Come to think of it Kamen Rider Kabuto was ok too. But ugly costumes are ugly. They don’t grow on me. =/

Except for Drake and Hyper Kabuto the Kabuto costumes were pretty awesome to me >.>

i really liked kabuto…never finished it sadly.

Oh, cool, some Kamen Rider love around here. I recently started watching W, and am enjoying it quite a bit (it’s my first Kamen Rider series). Only thing that annoys me is the terribad CGI, but I can look past that easily enough.

I just want them to bring back Faiz. And you can never have enough Kamen Rider: The First. That costume was smexay.