The New Kingdom Hearts Thread: All Roads Lead to III


The thing is, KH living or dying isn’t preventing SE from putting out anything else. The only franchise in their stable with that power is Final Fantasy, and it itself is the reason KH3 got delayed for an extra couple of years.


We got some haters and fairweather fans in here…

Brother Saitsu, don’t converse with these thots.


I’m a die hard fareweather fan. Lol.
Like I fucking LOVE kingdom hearts. I’ve owned and 100%ed every single one (even recoded). I think the only KH I haven’t played is the mobile one. But I’m so tired of all these inebetween 2 &3 and prequels. I want 3 god dammit.

Every time I lose interest in the series they always do something to wrangle me back in like 1.5, 2.5 and 2.8 prologue. And everytime I forget or lose interest in KH3 they release something that totally blows me away and gets me hype all over again.

I can’t wait to play in the tangled, big hero 6, monster inc and toy story worlds. I hope there are TONS of dlc worlds since Disney owns so many IP’s it’d be so easy to do and people would buy them.


No fuck you.

Square did nothing but lead us on for 12 fucking years with KH III.
At this point I am skeptical about KH III will ever come out, new trailer or not.

Years ago They teased KH III and we got some DS/PSP games instead.
GTFO with that shit.

At this point, KH III does to do more than put the most recent Disney Movies as worlds for me to care.
Also Drop Transverse Town

I also think KH III needs to be the last of the series. As much as I enjoy KH I and II the series needs to be put to bed at this point.


Then kick rocks and go play something else then. You acting like your life was put on hold until KHIII gets released. It’s a game. It’ll come out when it comes out and you’ll play it when it does. Until then, find something to do.

Over here talking shit and wishing for the series to end like some kind of teenaged girl who just got dumped by her high school crush…


Yeah, the series does not need to carry on forever.

Little as people understand, sometimes a good series just needs to end.
Better to End a series to end at a good note than to keep the series going on and enter mediocrity


I agree that it should end before it goes downhill. However, I don’t think “it’s taking too long to come out” counts.


Quit trolling, Darksakul it’s annoying


No series should end because you decided not to care anymore. Leave it to the people that still do.


I don’t really care if no one likes the series. Everyone is MORE than entitled to their own opinions and I absolutely agree that SE has long since jumped over the limit of fucking with everyone’s expectations for KH3. I have no issue with anyone abandoning the series, they have EVERY right to. You can even make strong arguments for the dip in quality of the franchise after KH2 or even KH1.

I just dislike those who want to be done with the series, believing it needs to die as if it cannot live beyond them. The truth is that, despite the IMMENSE amount of missteps, the world of KH has plenty of breadth and room for stories to be told. It can live beyond Sora and arguably like Star Wars before it, do better without him and his looming presence over the series even when he’s not around.

The only reason I’d want an IP to end, whether for gaming or other media is if it truly is holding something else back, or is legitimately limited by the storytelling device it’s framed by. It’s like Twin Peaks. Without the Murder of Laura Palmer hanging over it, it lost all sense of charm of direction and the actual purpose of it, so it legitimately needed to be ended.

KH existing isn’t stopping the next Chrono Trigger from happening. And I believe there’s still merit to the IP. But I certainly don’t dissuade anyone from leaving the series. Hell, I"d probably tell most people who are curious to not start playing the series even with 1.5/2.5 being a thing as it’s generally a chore more than anything at this point. But I’m tired of the “It needs to die, for everyone’s sake”. An IP lives or dies in your own mind. If you don’t believe an IP has anything left anymore…just don’t follow it. I’ve sure as fuck have done that on multiple occasions with absolutely no regrets.


I ain’t trolling

The only trolling is coming from SE and Disney


I’m not a huge fan of KH…not anymore but I want to see it to the end. It’s like how I felt with Inuyasha. I got in and I have to see how it ends then I can move on.


Downhill happened a while ago, but here’s hoping it ends on an up swing.

Also when Soras no longer the MC KH is over for me.


See, to me that’s actually mildly bitchmade. If something goes bad, staying with it helps no one. It just makes the creator think they’re doing something right.

I’ve been hundreds of chapters, or episodes (for anime) deep, or multiple games deep and just stopped because I didn’t like where the series was heading. Hell I dropped Dexter 2 episodes before the finale because I just got fed up with that shit, and House with one season to go.

Trying to stay with something that you no longer appreciate only does more harm than good. It harms yourself, because you waste time with something you KNOW you aren’t feeling anymore, and it hurts the series because any stabilization in numbers means it’s much less likely to make the changes needed to get back on the right track. And it also hurts the people around because those who hate it will wonder what’s wrong with you, and those who like it will tire of the demeanor of someone still sticking around a series they dislike. It just doesn’t do anyone any good.

I UNDERSTAND how most come to the feelings of “I put so much time into this, I have to stick it through” but it’s a “Sunk Cost Fallacy” for a reason.


I never said I hate the series and that goes for both. The side stories is very convoluted for KH so I dipped out but finally we have an established 3rd game coming so I must get back into it to see if it will get better. The longer something goes, the more likely it will start to dip. How many stories have an amazing story from the very start to the very end?

I like closure Shrug KH is a story I want to complete and see completed. I can’t say that for every single thing I have started and never finished. Besides, I have cheated out by “finishing” a story here and there thanks to youtube/wikis and you can’t say the creators wanted me to experience their stories that way.




So sora’s keyblade is for the realm of light.
Mickey has the keyblade for the realm of darkness.
Leaving riku with the keyblade for the realms in between?


Well we’re on the eve of the Embargo lifting.

Some brave soul posted some pics from within the event. At least one spoiler within.


23 Minutes of Toy Box, the Toy Story World.