The New Kingdom Hearts Thread: All Roads Lead to January 29th, 2019



Deluxe edition of KH3 is live on square enix’s Store

229.99 price point
comes with toy story variants of sora donald and goofy kai art figures
collectors edition pin
steel book case
art book
They don’t charge until release date which is nice. I ordered it with the quickness


Port Royal and the Riku Replica are back! Also new Waifu Kairi design.


Port Royal world looks amazing


The KH3 Official Theme, Chikai (Oath) has been released with the release of Utada Hikaru’s latest album.


The full Big Hero 6 Trailer. Note, a lot more of the interweaving plot is in here so if you want to avoid potential nagging spoilers, it would be wise to start avoiding trailers.

Also the official Box Art.


And it’s not a joke. Wtf Square, another compilation?


Everything is in one package this time. This collection would be better served on Xbone and PC. Those playerbases need the collection more.