The new Marvel One thread

If I’m going to go to Evo this year, I need something to occupy my time after I go two and out. And so, in the name of Harman, I resurrect the old MvC1 thread with a new title. Art, I better see your ass in here in a hurry.

Current Tier List for Marvel One

  1. Strider Hiryu “The King of random comeback”
  2. Wolverine “The man who invented RTSD”
  3. Gold War Machine “Block everything, die anyway”
  4. Red Venom “Any move is a mistake”
  5. War Machine “MvC2 Sentinel has nothing on this”
  6. Lilith “The unrecognized queen of chip”
  7. Hulk “Send mail to left corner”
  8. Captain Commando “More than just an assist”
  9. Gambit “The one-trick Cajun”
  10. Chun-Li “I should be #6 but nobody knows how to use me”
  11. Venom “Fierce and short are all you need”
  12. Zangief “The only reason anyone knows who Viscant is”
  13. Megaman “Eats piece of shit scrubs for breakfast”
  14. Ryu “Everything good about me is gone”
  15. Orange Hulk “Sabre_Do’s favorite lunch”
  16. Captain America “I used to be a contender”
  17. Morrigan “I suck without my better half in charge”
  18. Shadow Lady “Butt missiles ftw”
  19. Roll “I can Beat Plane too”
  20. Spider-Man “I hope you don’t know about jump-in block stun”
  21. Jin “Please don’t hold straight back”

Assists That Matter in Marvel One
Colossus (I can sit in the corner and win)
Lou (free offense by hitting two buttons)
Michelle Heart (get off the top of the screen)
Psylocke (Get off me, Red Venom!)
Ton Pooh (nine calls, not bad)
Devilot (retarded Orb traps)

Do you have breakdown strategies for some of these characters? I’m actually a complete newb to this game. But I figured I may as well learn it while I try and learn XvxSF.

I’m somewhat familiar with hulk. I remember j.LK MK s.LK MK charge forward kick move charge up kick move combo. Match play would be good too. A sort of BnB break down of a few characters would be nice, so I can try it out when I go the arcade.

^What he said. For Hulk and CapC at least. I never knew they were that high up the chain. Do summarize, and thanks.

(Photon from -ugh-, here.)

It’s my own opinion; I know Sabin thinks differently, especially about Lilith, and he has more tourney experience to boot. But Hulk and Commando are really good turtlers.

Hulk is not that hard. I don’t even do Gamma Charge combos that often; just jab-fierce is good (and sets up Gamma Quake in the corner). But eventually it gets down to Strider’s forward kicks > the game.

ok dasrik i definitely gotta question you on your tier list.

most of it is accurate, but when i play online, (and i’ve been playing for about a half a year now, i rank myself top 10) i’ve seen wm own REALLY, REALLY hard. his lp hp, lp hp, lk hp inf resets like hell. his duos (along with strider) chip godly and is very safe.

about lilith being 4th, imo other than her rushdown she is pretty weak. and does she chip with?

darkcloud plays gambit vs gwm and likes it. yes gwm can jump out of flush, but each card does pretty good damage. if u block gwm’s spamming and poke, you should have taken away 50% or more before he duos and chips u.

why is spiderman soo low? he is definitely hard to hit, he has a decent air combo crossup (not so sure how easy it is to block offline) but has good defense.

and offline isnt it easy to tech RV’s grabs?

striders orbs wont do much if you block, plus you only get 5 psys.’ing them while crouching only gets you a few hits, i dont think cancelling it into lk airdash combos.

just a reminder, this isnt a flame, just questioning ur tier list =

If I may answer from what little knowledge I have

Lilith chips with Brilliant Shower (:qcf: :2p:) in duos AFAIK. Spidey’s ass in MvC1 and MvC2 compared to MSH and MvSF. I believe he lost some priority and dies out faster. At any rate the rushdown crossup BS is with RV/Wolverine in this game.

Strider-Lou= precursor of Strider-Doom. Also, Devilot, which is an unblockable helper. Lock down with Ouroboros, set up Devilot. While they’re stunned by the orbs you can do a Ragnarok before it ends. Or a team super.

I’ll try to answer in order.

Because of online lag and stuff, WM is better on Kaillera for sure. In real life, Strider’s forward kick just snuffs too much stuff safely and goes right into his 60% no-meter combo.

Lilith is unique in that she is the only character who can sweep safely (by cancelling it into a triangle jump if it hits). She also has a really good jab uppercut and manueverability to kill time before she duos.

Gambit’s fine on Gold War Machine until he is forced to take as much damage as he’s given and then some in blockstun. GWM should be playing a close-in game on most characters anyway.

Spider-Man is only good until people realize that his jump-in chains are utterly ineffective due to MvC1’s broken blockstun. You can actually hit jab in the middle and stop them. Sure, he’s got an ambiguous cross-up, but when are you going to actually hit them with anything to set them up for it?

Red Venom’s strength is in guardbreaks; if you can guardbreak, you’re good to go, and it makes teching grabs irrelevant since you’re not going for throw combos anyway.

Strider’s orbs are supposed to pin so that you can do legion.

hmm i can see offline players are a lot different than kaillera ones.

doesnt resetting (combing it but the hits reset) still work offline?

if so, wolverine is imo is really good. after BBX in corner, c.lp,, s.mkx2, c.hp resets most characters, and allows you to launch them because of resetting the hits. inf into corner,, s.mkx2, c.hp (resets), launch, magic, stompxxhk, c.lp,, s.mkx2, c.hp(reset)xxfatal claw will kill most characters.

RV takes bad chip too, so shouldnt he be a bit lower in the tier list because most 2 characters have decent duos? buffering a super one after another deals good damage vs RV

EDIT:thought u had wolv lower, forget what i said about him

Playing Red Venom is a kinda sorta race against time… when you start out you’ll probably win at first based on the infinite and tick throws alone before people start trying to push you out. But when you learn how good his normal moves are, it doesn’t really matter anymore. You only really worry about the War Machines and maybe Strider.


I’m curious as to why in the old thread, you didn’t have Strider/GWM on the list of top tier teams. I mean, barring a spectacular fuck-up on your part, GWM should get to level 3, and the duo is even more idiot-proof than DWM. Plus, Strider is a better character than WM (does he even have any bad matchups?).

hmm tier list kinda werd spidy low tier 0_o jump hp owns ever thing

I thought Strider/GWM was a great team too, until Viscant, Erik Perez and Sabin convinced me otherwise. Their explanations were logical and I’d tell them to you now if I could only remember them.

If jump-ins were all you needed to be a good character, then Jin would be #1 and Wolverine would be bottom.

imo wm counters strider. flying kneedrops xx fly kneedrops. plus if strider orbs (and you’re not in blockstun, which you shouldnt be) you can sj, ad u, smart bomb, or just sj smart bomb, then ad u, smart bomb again. smart bombs stop strider’s jumps.

as for RV’s normals, yes they are good, and yes he is quick. but what about normal venom. normal venom owns too, just that you need colossus to deal damage.

well jin doesnt have no cross ups or any thing going for him as spidy does im not sayign spidy is number 1 or 2 i say hes about 4 or 5 and u can turtle ur ass off with him and dou wiht strider and do good chip dmg and his cross up is hard as hell to block

I would think Gambit would be higher than Captain Commando. Doesnn’t his infinite put him up there? Also Gambit’s duo team is better than Commandos.

I’m not so sure about Lilith since I haven’t really seen her played at a high level.

Jin is top turr!

I had always thought RV beats WM (not GWM). I’d heard RV can punish flying knees like no one else and that RV’s ground game completely dominated WM. Or does WM just smart bomb him to death or something? I would think RV would be able to pull some bullshit like walk under bombs and inf. Also, I’ve heard that RV forces you to pick Lou or you’ll get raped. What’s the veracity of that?

Incidentally, what partners and assists are good with RV? I would think you’d have to find someone able to counter GWM, at the very least.

i think zangief is really good whit triple option and good moves and great damage
he not is a top tier but he is overpowered i think he is in 7 /8 rank
i think the better assist is lou insane cross ups use a lot of times and really good cheap damage
excuse mi bad english

lol Dasrik, you shoulda PMed me if you wanted me to post here…but i stumbled upon it by accident anyway.

Someone should merge the older mvc1 thread from like 2 years ago i think? (ask Kaneda) , a lot of good info was there explaining most of my theories about the game. I’m at school so I can’t write much up right now. But I swear Dasrik, youre on crack with that Lilith tier ranking :stuck_out_tongue:

IMO, Chun, Gambit, MM, and Shadow Lady should be a bit higher in that tier ranking. I know the Shadow Lady one is a bit odd, but it’s because of her infinite (it’s actually practical.) But at best she’d be somewhere in the middle

MagnetoManiac, WM does not own Strider at all. Noone in this game “owns” Strider, that’s why he’s #1. You can never completely dodge orbs lockdown.

To the guy that said RV pwns WM, I agree with that statement. WM can’t do anythign on the ground against RV. He has to take to the air and build meter, and his main form of offense (divekick into whatever) can be standing fierced by RV in between blockstun if I remember correctly. WM also has no realiable defense against close standing fierce, he can’t jab out of it or anything, or he’ll just get thrown.

Sorry for my ghetto explaination, but I’m not the most technical player in the world.

ill write my own opinion on the tier list and why if people want to read it and im not feeling too lazy.