The NEW Mayflash PS2 and PS3 Arcade Sticks - What's the difference?


Hello Shoryuken!

I need some expert help.I apologize in advance for some of my noobish questions here, so veterans please be patient with me.

I own a 2009 Mayflash PS2/USB Arcade stick that I’ve modified with a Sanwa JLF and Sawna 30mm buttons and it’s great, but these days I find myself using it more and more often on the PS3, and the lack of a Home button hurts.

I was recently browsing Mayflash’s site just to see what’s new, and I noticed this:

It looks bigger than the 2009 model I have, it has a d-pad/analog stick toggle switch, and more importantly, it also has a button labelled Analog/Home.

But also from Mayflash I see this

This one looks…identical. So a few questions for the experts:

What the heck is the difference between these two sticks?

Does the one labelled for PS2 version ONLY have a PS2 controller port plug without a USB port?

Does the one labelled for PS3 version ONLY have a USB port without a PS2 controller port?

If I buy the PS2 version and it doesn’t end up having a USB connection, could I use a PS2 to USB controller adapter to get it working on the PS3 and if so, would the Analog/Home function as the Home button should…?

I’m also wondering if anyone has any experience modding this model of Mayflash arcade stick. Are the stock buttons 28mm again? Has anyone made lamilabels for this stick? Pllease link to me any associated threads.

I thank you for any assistance. I’ve tried contacting Mayflash directly, but they’re away for Chinese New Years.


From what I can tell one Mayflash Stick is PS2 only the other is PS3.
That seems to be the only diffrance

That will depend on the adapter you use and not the stick

For a little bit more dough you can get a stick that is much better than anything Mayflash makes.


Use the converter that Etokki sells, they have home buttons on them IIRC.


gotta say the mayflash caused me so many headaches because of it’s shitty actuator and my many attempts to fix it. best thing is to get a better stick and not bother with this thing unless you plan on installing a whole new joystick into it.


Alright guys, the arcade stick arrived, and yeah, it’s the PS3 version and doesn’t have a PS2 connector at all.

I see absolutely no threads for this stick at all… The PS3 Mayflash 2010 stick with turbo fire switches. It’s bigger and a different shape than the older Universal model that everyone (including me) has.

Is there a template for a lamilabel for it? I’m willing to pay someone to make me a lamilabel I can use. Please let me know.


bump. I want to get a lamilabel for this stick, but I dont see any coverage of it at all anywhere on Shoryuken. does nobody have this stick?


sorry for posting in a old thread
I’m little hesitant on which Myaflash model to choose
the old universal or the ps2 “new”

I’ll use these sticks with pc & GC with adapters
I’d like to know if they are the same on a mod wise perspective
but I do like the turbo switch on new ps2 model

any thoughts?

thanks in advance (and sorry for my facepalm english :/)