The New Montana Thread!


So everything I’ve checked on SRK about Montana is pretty ancient. The scene here has about 20 or so dedicated guys, with no active posters on SRK. If there are any Montana players we don’t know about, Please, ask to be in our Facebook group ( and see if there is anyone in your area that is playing! We have a pretty strong AE scene, as well as Marvel and Tekken scenes trying to get off the ground. Personally, I’m willing to start playing anything that is being played by more than one person. We’re talking about organizing a tournament for spring, and we’d love to have as many players as we can get.


The Missoula group is still probably the largest and most consistent in the state. Billings has recently gotten back into the swing of things with weekly fight clubs on Sunday nights at The Gaming Lounge. 7-8 regulars in Billings at this time. Again, most of the info is available on facebook.

Montana players Unite!