The New MvC1 Discussion Thread: Is Marvel 1 considered bad?


also cykes medium optic blast (the one with his hands on his hips at normal stand height) would be perfect for stopping hailstorm


Cyclops’ launcher is still in MvC2. Most mediums that were also launchers are now just d/f+HP or d/f+HK. The hitboxes may or may not be the same, since moves that are identical frequently have different hitboxes and frame data.


df hk is good but d mk would be better for reacting to tridashes…if such a thing is possible lol


Finally got COTA for GGPo, I agree with you @NickRocks the game is a little awkward in terms of controls. For me, its a weird balance between SF and Marvel.


Isn’t df HK the same exact move as d MK for Cyclops? Always felt the same for me and I don’t use any different then how it works in xvsf.

That move always sucked IMO. Cyclops can punish typhoon into hail anyway with TK super optic blast.


I think this is the current MvC1 thread:


I dont like playing COTA very much but i like the combo videos haha


I think the MvC room along with the 3S room must be some of the worst rooms both for trash talk and casuals.

in other rooms, especially the SNK ones, there is more of a chance of good players to play against you without derisive comments. it seems players from Muslim and Hispanic/Brazilian countries are more polite…

Hence why I prefer playing 3S and MvC on Supercade




I can appreciate that MvC2 is deep fighter, but I do not like playing it for a number of reasons.

Despite of some “problems” with the game, I really enjoy MvC1.

It really is up to player preference of whether you like to play or not.


I’m late, but whatevs.

MVC1 was a bad game and MVC2 was infinitely better. I say this as a person who was much better at MVC1. MVC1 has all of the bad balance problems with none of the team mechanic variety; MSP plays totally differently than MSS, which plays totally differently than Santhrax, which plays totally differently than Scrub (even though you’re only changing 1 character each time). In contrast, pick any two of RV/Wolvie/Strider and your team is basically the same. The game has extremely poor depth of gameplay and what little there is comes almost entirely from GWM.

MSH is far better than MVC1, so I’m not sure why that would even come up. It doesn’t make sense to complain about Wolvie and Spidey, then complain about their counter (Shuma) who faces his own difficult counters from characters like BH and IM, who are themselves countered by Wolvie/Spidey. Not saying it’s anywhere near perfect, but the game at least works like it’s supposed to.


Yo Dan, I need tog et out to the dojo and play you in MVC1 and MSH. From what Tone’s told me it’s the ebst if you ahte yourself.


Let me know if you’re coming. I don’t go every week.


I’m late too. To say MVC1 is a bad game I think is unfair. Which are all both opinions anyway, but I feel the game is actually quite deep and fun at high levels. I think the footsie game alone is an overlooked, but satisfying part of the gameplay.


Bad or not the game is still crack when you play it for a bit. Does it have the longevity to play forever like 2? No but that doesnt stop it from being fun for awhile


I love MVC1, but I would never play it past a casual level.


I think a game truly bad if people revert to playing it’s predecessor instead. SSBB (people played SSBM instead). SSF2 (people played the new characters, but were turned off by the slow speed and reverted to SF2Turbo). MK4 (just plain sucked. Went back to UMK3).

MvC1 was a helluva lot better then MvsSF. It was probably on the same level as XvsSF, but still fresh enough that people didn’t stop playing it for it’s predecessors.


So MvC3 and MvC2?


can someone give the match up chart the top tiers, like their bad match ups, and what they use to beat other characters

Strider vs gold war machine, war machine, wolverine, Red venom. And Strider vs Strider match up

gold war machine vs war machine, wolverine, strider, red venom should be easy.

war machine, vs the other top tiers, and his bad match ups and good ones

would like to know Red venoms good match ups also, his worst maybe gold war

wolverine’s good match up’s and bad.

The more ive been playing gold war machine, and if someone picks war machine, they just run away the whole match, since I cant fly.


Ok ill try to answer these in my exp as an average level mvc1 player and from what ive watched on ggpo

Pretty much the rules of basic GWM seems to be

A. Enemy can hurt GWM from full screen (strider, WM): rush them, call assists at the right times

B. Enemy has to touch GWM (RV, Wolv): zone out and build meter for duos. St. Mk is godlike against wolverine.

GWM vs WM is a losing battle for GWM imo. Maybe someone else could be more in depth but WM can just beam him out.

GWM vs wolv is almost like sent vs magneto in mvc2…except imagine that sent can launch mags out of rom lol. Wolverine has insane throw priority and range in marvel 1 so jumping at him is a bad idea. Just watch out for BBX and that should be an easy fight or GWM.

fighting strider is annoying as gwm. Just try to get as close as possible and keep him from activating orbs as much as possible.

I dont play strider so i cant help you there.

Wolverine and War Machine are like yin and yang. Wolv controls the ground and WM controls the air. One hit by either leads to death. And WM has the easiest guardbreak of all time (fierce dash fierce dash repeat)

Red Venom has no bad matchups. Even against GWM. He can just tick grab him over and over. And against anyone else, well…youve seen the infinite im sure haha.

Wolverines bad matchups…hmm. RV GWM and Hulk maybe? But theres not really anyone owning Wolv w Hulk besides DC.

Im sure someone better at the game and with more experience than me can give you better answers