The new non-prem Wholesome Morality Thread - Read the first post!


Welcome one and all to the (experimental) non-premium wholesome morality thread. For those of you who do not know what this thread is, it’s an open, frank, and intelligent discussion of sex, human sexuality, fetishes, deviancy and so on. I say experimental because if this turns into troll bait or the discussion gets way off topic, I will not hesitate to pull the plug and request it be shut down. Follow the rules, and please enjoy the conversation.

Things we will do here:

  • Talk about sex
  • Ask about sex
  • Learn about sex
  • We can even argue about sex as long as those arguments are constructive and fall within the bounds of the rules.

Things we will NOT do in here:

  • Judge people
  • Dismiss other people
  • Mock or belittle someone for what they like or what they have a question about.
  • Post porn
  • Troll

I understand by pointing out I don’t want trolls, I invite them. I’m willing to take that risk because I think a thread like this can do a lot of good. However, I am also willing to ask that this thread be closed without hesitation. I spoke with Valaris about starting this, so he is aware of the thread. It should be noted that he was a major contributor to the last thread, so he understands the scope and drive of this thread. I hope he will involve himself in this one as well.

So talk, be merry, and don’t judge.


I heard that anal is actually bad because it creates bowel problems when your old…


I love you for making this, you AngryLiberal


I think that’s only is you’re like CONSTANTLY doing that. Then again I know nothing concrete about such a subject :looney:


Supposedly, according to some fancy paper published by men in coats, they say that rectal penetration increases the chance of colon cancer and other cancers associated with rectal penetration. Maybe somebody who knows can double check. I just remember reading it of what looked like a legit website, but didn’t bother double checking because that’s not my prerogative.

And as you say, there’s also other study people keep spouting that anal weakens the muscle over time and as you get older, it get’s harder and harder to hold it in. But then again, when you are 60+, holding it in is pretty hard already, so who knows for sure.


Like most things sexual, educate yourself. I’m not an expert on anal sex by any means, but I do know that it is an activity that does carry risks. However, like most things that can risks, those risks are born of ignorance. Educate yourself. I’m sure tehre are people who will post in this thread that have a great wealth of knowledge on anal sex.

One topic I would like to discuss and get the ball rolling on is sexual fluidity. I don’t like hard terms that define the bounds of sexuality. I like girls primarily, but I am very attracted to the penis as well. I don’t really look at a guy and get turned on, but a nice looking cock will definitely get me going. If I weren’t married to a woman, I’d most likely be engaging in sexual activities with men and women.

That being said, women turn me on. If that woman comes with a penis, I’m fine with that. The feminine shape turns me on though, so I am more about passable trans girls. What are your thoughts on your own sexuality? Do you ever find yourself interested in sexual activities outside what sexuality you consider yourself?


There are women how can orgasm from anal, but most find their first experiences with it painful and claim they will never do it again. There can be various reasons as to why: little to no lubricant used seems to be one of the main cases. Most women need to be calm in order for the erect penis to penetrate the anus, but since the anus doesn’t produce its own lub you can need apply A LOT of it. You also need to stimulate the anus with some fingering techniques, just rushing in will totally throw the woman into shock and it will hurt (you do not want to shove ANYTHING into the anus, because remember nothing is suppose to go in it).

Anal when done right can be a very pleasure experience, and it shouldn’t hurt at all with the right steps.


Yay, a new playground! <3

My sexuality is complicated. I may get into it later tonight. I will admit to apprehension about doing so because even though I think that sharing in this regard is very helpful, discussing the things I have done and enjoyed and most importantly the lessons I have learned from doing so and discovering why I do them really leaves me vulnerable. I’ll have to decide if that’s a risk I’m willing to take on this forum.

Thanks, angryliberal, for making this thread. Here’s hoping for awesome things to come. <3


I had an ex who loved anal. She had her hardest orgasms when I was in her butt. However, she couldn’t have anal sex in doggy position, it hurt her too bad. She had to be on her back so she could relax enough to enjoy it.

Share what you feel comfortable with. That goes for everyone. Don’t feel the need to share everything if you are not comfortable doing it. This place is about safety and acceptance and learning.


If you’ve never had a Cincinnati Bow Tie you need to check that out. It is glorious.


I’m like 99.9% sure you have never tied a condom around a woman’s neck to mimic a bowtie, so I am going to say that is the kind of post I want to avoid. It did not add to the discussion in any way other than making the poster feel clever. Uselessly I’ll add because this is the internet, nothing like that is clever.

However, I will add another question to the discussion because I don’t want to continue the proliferation of pointless posts.

Do you have any clothing turn ons? What I mean, is are there things someone can wear that makes you take interest or something you find hot? I’ve got quite a few. Socks are a major thing for me. Not stockings, specifically socks, and more specifically, OTK socks. Also black dress pants on women.


Just making a (edited) repost because it seems like angryliberal is going with remaking the WM tread that was basically agreed to in the identity/orientation thread.

This thread is more up my alley anyway.

Some other things I wanted to add is that when it comes to the sexual cues of attraction, (more visually charged for men and more emotionally charged for women) the weaker cue can work as a way to enhance the target person’s total appeal enough that the flaws that were attached to the stronger cue become more and more unimportant to the point that the whole person becomes more desirable.

Like, think of the appeal of a gamer girl. A lot of the time the average straight male gamer initially finds that girl undesirable to average in looks. But since shes likes and plays games and even better, is above average in skill level in games she gives off the emotional cue of having something of interest in common with the guy gamers, a possible rival to overcome, someone to have fun with, etc, then the gamer girls average looks suddenly aren’t so bad. Even to the point that she is now desirable by the guy gamers.

Since Im spoiled from hentai: (I still like 3D)

B grade Zettai Ryoheki
Bike shorts
Japanese style gym bloomers
Garter belts


I hope to learn alot from this thread. I have a whole bunch of preconceived notions about sexuality and I think through the course of this thread I’ll get 'em cleared up


Oh no.

It has begun.

I think I have a fetish for women in uniform, not even scantily clad uniforms though, just uniforms. Also, I find myself wanting to wear jackets alot lately, and noticing jacekts more. No, I am not aroused by them, but it is clothing related.


Trans girls are completely sexy.

Older women are my total and utter vice though at the moment, I cannot wait to meet with this one I fell in love with.

Roleplaying things like Student/Teacher and Doctor/Nurse are going to be a metric fuck-load of fun and she loves her girly boys, so the thrill of going to a club with my sugar momma while dressed up as a little slutty schoolgirl? In there. :lovin:

Thanks for making this thread in GD and giving me a reason to F5 AngLib, I love you! <3


lol you and your clothes


I don’t understand.

On another note. I am not completely heterosexual much in the same way as AngLib is, but it’s mostly in the sense that I find boyish girls or girly guys attractive, gender blenders as opposed to gender benders, i.e. tomboys and the like. Androgynous people, such as this one.

And the fact that I don’t care what the genitalia consists of. I believe the term is polysexual, if it is even an accurate term at all. All I see in that picture is someone with a stunning face.


Like AngLib, I also have a HUGE thing for cute socks, thought I’m not particularely fond of feet, I will suck toes on request (clean ones, very clean ones) but socks and thigh highs are MMM! <3

Other clothes…like Havatchu, I really like a girl in uniform, school outfits, nurse outfits, anything dressed up and playful is so sexy to me~


I’ve been wondering since you posted that in my thread, where did you hear this?


Well, I mean there is the obvious underwear/panty thing too, and I can thank Duckie for letting me know of the term shimapan.

By the way, tossing someone’s salad while getting a footjob is totally possible.

Just lay them on the bed doggystyle and have their legs hang off.

Totally didn’t do it though, cough cough

Just thought of it all by myself…yeaup.

I put down the wackiest thing I’ve done to get the ball rollin’, so you fellas need to as well.

Just remember, we da bes in da whorl!!!

Edit: Sick of these goddamn sever errors these last couple of days.


I don’t understand. There is already a Relationship thread and a Gay thread so why the need for a thread specifically about talking about your bs fetish shit? Don’t we already do that enough in the Lounge thread?

Plus aren’t straight up sexual themed threads not allowed on here? This is a family site that is trafficked by a majority of children and teens.


I read the second post…about anal…and I’m leaving the thread in disgust.

Not at the topic, but I’m upset becaus I enjoy doing that :sad: and I just got my wife back on that train har.

  • :bluu: