The NEW Official Arcade Stick Art Thread NO IMAGE QUOTING!


If you go and PM one of the people who actually do some stick art, they make it for you for a fee.


Unused commision stick art for GGXRD


Finally scored a TE for PS4 today, but i actually hate the blue color scheme and prefer the Xbox One’s red color scheme. Already found the red side panels now i just need the artwork. Could someone basically just convert the PS4 stock artwork to red? Or i guess change the button labels on the xbox one version? Thanks


I dont own a TE2 , or play sakura, but I was bored.
Can give someone the psd if they like.

More to come.


Quick question where can i find someone to do a design for me. I’m trying to get 2 designs done. One is Marvel vs capcom 2 and the other is Harley Quinn from Arkham Knight with the red borders that djb1ge did on his ken design or something similar to that. Im currently finishing up a kitana Design


@Mrawesome44 The STICK ART REQUEST Thread: READ THE OP!


This Is my Kitana Design i think it turned out good. If anyone has any suggestions to make it look better let me know


Back to work and ready to rock,if you guys need any arts or help you’re welcome :slight_smile:
N.B : i do ps4 skins too.


This was done for a client, hmu if anyone out there is looking


Please forgive this seemingly noob question. When running USF4 or SF5 on a computer, would it simply be Print Screen to grab a screen pic? Or is there a more preferred way to do this? Also, it looking to edit out the background and only have the characters, would a modded “blank” background in the game be a better option to help achieve this?


In fullscreen mode, print screen should work fine. If you’re in windowed mode, you can print screen and crop the image in an image editor or use screen capturing software such as gyazo.

To capture just the characters, you can move the HUD off-screen and change Stage Quality to low to get a simple background that should be really easy to edit out.


Thank you.


An Alex commission I did today.


Some simple Karin TE1 stuff.
If anyone wants something done hit me up, I’d like to try out some commissions, maybe you have better ideas than me atm.


Since I was compiling stuff I’ve done for Kray’s Kraylix cabs for a client, decided to share them all here.

For anyone who wants something like this, or just wants one of these for their Kraylix cabs, feel free to drop me a line.


If I could like that twice, I would.



Sorry for double post.
80’s style Ken TE.

The PNG came out at 24MB, so here’s a smelly JPG.



best game.