The NEW Official Arcade Stick Art Thread NO IMAGE QUOTING!

Some art I’ve modded for use on my new HRAP 4 Kai. Looking forward to receiving the plexiglass (from Art’s Hobbies / Tek Innovations, of course) and puttin it all together tomorrow.
I’ll post proper pics when it’s completed.


Hey sorry man, I didn’t see that you tagged me, didn’t get a notification actually but here is a higher res version. This was also my first attempt at this technique so I can do way better now

Venom thread has long been merged with this one. Template for it is now in the first page.

Hi, could you please? Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I really like it! Your Alex project was really really cool too - done by using the eye dropper to select a colour and then using a spray brush with scattering perhaps? I’ve done disintegration effects before, but these are a new take and I’m sure I’ll try to emulate them in a future project. Thank you.

What? Venom arcade stick PS4/PS3
I’m talking about that thread. For the stick. Not for art. Also, nice that the template is on the first page here, but that doesn’t change my statement that much to be honest.

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But don’t those circles make it easier to cut them after you’ve printed the artwork?

He’s talking about the circles that represent the magnets. They are useless indeed since once you’ve applied your artwork, the magnets will be overlapping them. So you can leave them or remove them, either way, you won’t see them. :wink:

Good thing the template is now on the first page. :slight_smile:
There should be less questions about where to find it now. :slight_smile:

Can anyone here make a 20.7mm circle in photoshop or gimp and post it so I can adjust my buttons?

They were looking for a template for the Venom. So of course people are gonna assume that your talking about the Venom art thread that was merged with this one.

Venom thread has long been merged with this one. Template for it is now in the first page.


Is there a repository of artwork that might commonly be used on fight sticks? For instance, I would like to make Punch & Kick symbols that go near my buttons… but I am not a great artist. If there were a central place of clip art for community use, that would be pretty neat.

First time changing art.

Alright so I got a chun-li TE2 and I’m looking to change the artwork and this is what I got so far.

It’s pretty simple but I have a lot of empty space on the right. Would really appreciate if anyone could help me out on what I could possibly put there. I am having a tough time deciding on images because I don’t want the buttons to obscure too much of it and as you can tell my skills with the software are very limited…

thanks a lot!

@Wolvves You could add a large Terminator cyborg face in the background and make it washed out (or a slightly dark grey) for it to occupy the space without standing out too much. :wink:

Raunchy! Able to commission something similar that’s raunchy but in SFV theme with Cammy title in font for an original madcatz TE?


Created for another user one late night, he couldn’t find the artist so I traced the images and replicated - Original art image is at the bottom.

Working on my first arcade stick art, what do you guys think?

Nice,if you could change the buttons symbols with some others like “inky” to match the art atmosphere “ninja,ibuki…”

edit : is this an official template ? the screws holes look really BIG.