The NEW Official Arcade Stick Art Thread NO IMAGE QUOTING!

Getting my second fightstick built over at arcadepcmx, hence the logo at the bottom. :smiley: Gonna do high gloss white and white artwork to go. Think it will look very clean and simple.

I want to get the SF2:CE cabinet art for a TE2+. Has anyone done that yet? If so, can someone send me a link?

I recently fished a black Vewlix-6 TEK Case out of my closet that I had scavenged for parts earlier this year. I decided to resurrect it with a Zero Delay USB Encoder for Player 2 use with my Picade, and go the Neo Geo theme route. It’s still a work in progress, so please be gentle.

I decided to fill the black void up at top-center with an inactive credit counter (like those seen on the MVS cabs). I know that it isn’t oriented next to “Player Start,” as it is on the cabs.

Does the credit counter look OK in the current orientation on my art? Thanks.

Looks okay to me.

So… I’m looking for a new stick. The TE2 will the parts are easy to mod, the stick itself has been a thorn in my side both on & offline. I need a new stick. My best options are the Razr Panthera or the Hori Rap4. I’ve been trying to figure out how to sell this Razr Atrox to Xbox One. I sold my Xbox to my dad a few weeks ago & it doesn’t look like he’s coming after the stick & I need a new stick ASAP. I have 2 events coming. One in January. So I’m trying to get $195. So I need suggestions.

This is the wrong thread for that question. Repost either HERE or [HERE](Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

Modding some old SF4 SE FightSticks. Keeping it simple on the art:

Looks awesome! I have an old T5 stick that has a similar custom design. The only difference I can see is the blue SNK logo across (top-left) from the PLAYER START area.

Random question, has anyone used like a pic for a stage as the art? I was thinking about doing that for my next arcade stick but dunno if it would look as nice as i would assume

That’s entirely up to you if you wish to use it or not. As for your question overall, there’s plenty of people who used a stage as artwork for thier sticks. It’s really just the kind of edits you make to it. What stage did you have in mind?

Been thinking ill just use a game that I already play. Not sure what stage specifically but something from GG Revelator for sure. Though I cant find any high res pics of the stage without any characters.

I’m running out of ideas, kek, but I really need to finish this soon…

@BolSadguy, prefer the first one, but hope I wasn’t too late on that…

@sasquach - I can’t wait to see it installed on your Panzer 3. I especially love the “Initializing Panzer Battle Systems” - BAD ASS!

s/o to DaiSuiShio for creating this for me.

It’s not great, but I’m bad at making these and need one for my hrap4 that’s on the way so I messed around in gimp for awhile until I got this.

I just can’t decide which way to go… Door #1 or Door #2?

My most recent commissions, Tokyo Ghoul and Hotline Miami themed.

Some bright BlazBlue stuff.

can someone please make me a bullet club te2+ template. I suck at photoshop. But I do have a paypal account. Someone with basic skill please dm me.

Looking to commission some art for a hori rap v, PM me for details