The NEW Official Arcade Stick Art Thread NO IMAGE QUOTING!


I would consider the focals placement as far as making sure that her face or any critical parts don’t get cut off by the buttons, I think the red in her costume would give a nice sense of depth/contrast as well


Thank you both. Ohhairi, I’m glad you pointed that out, I’m always in need of an extra set of eyes. The red on Gwen is a darker one, almost burgundy like. I’ll see what I can do to bring that out, I also want to bring out the whites as I feel they are getting lost with my intent to monochrome the 4 pieces to go along with the tone. Placement wise I think the walking on a wire Gwen worries me, it’s close but it won’t be covered, I could lower the hooded center Gwen and focus on the face but I really like the hands too and the gesture of them, I’ll reposition to see how it goes. The little faces on the last piece to the right will have to pay the price 'cause I didn’t want to sacrifice the face on the right corner. I’m aiming for violet sanwa color for hardware in a white HRAP case. I really appreciate the help, thanks!


Hey if anyone needs artwork for a fightstick art i’m your guy. My rate is $20. Here is some work i have done.

Message me for inquiries!


Hey NMS, good showing! The Chun-Li piece has some old background left to erase right between the ribbons and head/neck area, just thought you might want to rectify that. Also for the Ryu one, there are technics to get rid off that leftover “stroke” when you erase a background. Grab the layer Ryu is in and use the Stroke blending option, set it to saturate/inside/3PX or more if you need to. Play around with options, I find saturate does the job well but you might find a better solution. Good old 400% zoom and erase meticulously always works best though.


I wanna thank you again for making me rethink my approach. I know this is very different than what I started with but I’m trying different things to focus on the position of the focal points. I’m trying different things with the background and I’ll be doing the coloring on the black and white pieces myself instead of adapting the colors already used. I still got more to go before it’s even close to being done, but I really want to thank you for planting that need to do better.


My pleasure! :heart:


Hi Guys

I just Want To Ask If Anyone Have the template (PSD) Art Panel Of Hori VLX Red ??

Coz The Link of Hori RAP Premium VLX Template is not working

I Need To Print a new Designs Art

Also If you can help me with video or guide how to remove the top Art Panel and replace it with new one :s

Thanks !! B)


Hey guys, I just signed up and registered to say that I absolutely love all your works. I motivated myself to buy an F500 with Sanwa buttons /joystick mods to join this type of community. I was hoping maybe i could put in a request for a skin. The buttons are 5 white and 4yellow so i was hoping an Android 18, Neo Vermillion or a Chun Li skin. Could anyone help me with that? I’m also down to abide by the rules of commissions
Best wishes!


Some commissions from last week, dbz so hot right now.


I’ve been making my own stick art for awhile, but I’ve been wanting to do a Geese Howard themed piece and I can’t seem to find enough art of him I like enough to use or that would work for stick art. Anyone have any suggestions or would be willing to take a commission on?


so anyone could use these fightstick pics for their own fightstick?


@ckng, That Perfect Cell looks great!


Im a graphic designer and I can do it for you

give me your PSD template of your Fight Stick


Merci pour tout… amateur en fighstick jai pue le personnalisé grace a ceux site et a tout les membres qui donnait de tres bonne info en plus du template c est juste parfait


Hi, I’ve just joined the forums in the hope that someone might be able to help me out.

I’ve just spent the last few months (slowly) modding/refurbishing a Sega Saturn Virtua Stick (HSS-0136), primarily so I could change the stick to an octagonal gated Seimitsu LS-56-01; although I have also swapped out the buttons to Sanwa whilst I have it apart. This meant removing the original artwork to get to the stick screws, which I didn’t want to do as I actually really like the retro design and I wanted to keep it as original as possible (the buttons and stick are original colours too). However, as a result of the artwork removal it has become damaged and slightly ripped, no matter how careful I was, and so cannot be reused.

So, being an ex Graphic Designer, I spent a good few hours redrawing the artwork (tracing the original in Illustrator from a high resolution scan) and I’ve now come to the point where I need to get it printed. This is where I’m having problems, as I would like the material to be as close to the original as possible, which is almost like a semi-rigid matt-textured plastic coated paper (the closest thing that I can think of as being similar is one of those cheap mouse mats with family photographs printed on, just without the foam base).

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what this material could be? If not, what is a good material to use as a replacement?

If anyone would like a copy of my VS artwork, then please feel free to message me.

Sega HSS-0136 Mod Work Log

Share your work here……just show what you got and let’s see what we can make out of it. As for printing, go to games on graphix, scotty prints on bullet proof material, feels pretty much the same as the original CPO.


To people here who have printed their own artwork, what service did you use? I’ve got a custom job for a stick that doesn’t have a template and I’m having to do it all by scratch.


As a huge fan of Final Fantasy, I’ve always loved the “standard” logos and the simplicity of the old box art for the Japanese versions of FF7 to FFX (logo on a plain white background).
But also a huge fan of other things (seemingly a lot of Capcom stuff).

So I made some “crossover” logos many years ago, thinking that I’d use them on some sticks. Never did, and probably never will, so offering them to the masses.
If anyone wants these in higher resolution (about 2000-2500 pixels wide) PNG format, just PM me.

These were made back in 2012, so it was WAY before SFV or Resident Evil VII was announced/released, so the numbers are clearly outdated. :slight_smile:


Great idea, I’d love to see some Morrigan, Dante, Demitri, Strider, characters with flow as to resemble the original concept with that tremendous feel of melancholy. Maybe Bishamon? Oh…


Those are incredible! Would love to see a Tekken 7 and Guilty Gear XRD version!