The NEW Official Arcade Stick Art Thread NO IMAGE QUOTING!


Some Reimu art I did for a future stick build. If I ever stop being lazy I might redraw the rest of her sleeve, but for right now I’ll just cover it up.


I’ve recently purchased my Hori Rap4 Kai, and I’ve been having a tough time putting together something I like. I have no art chops, so I’m looking to see if there are any artists who might be willing to help, commissioned of course. I’m willing to put down for something awesome! PM me if you’re open!


Quite a few amount of requests that I’ve done thus far over the past couple of weeks.

King Omni


Hajime no Ippo Qanba Dragon


Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru HRAP4


Hellsing Razer Panthera


My Hero Academia Qanba Dragon


DBZ Razer Atrox


Bleach Qanba Crystal/Q2


DBZ X Onepiece X Fate TE2+


Vegeta SSJB Ultra


Still open for doing more so if interested, Message me.



like the first one better


Working on art for a Mad Catz Brawlstick I picked up the other day. Thinking of pairing it up with either white or pink sanwa parts.


need someone to find or do a little tweaking to a artwork for me PM me please for details


Anyone available to do some stick art???


Mad Catz is two words, not one.


Quite some time passed, since I used photoshop. But right now I’m trying to make an artwork for my fightstick.
I wanted to make something clean and easy to look at. I’m not sure, which version I should take, version 1 has the clean top, version 2 may look to crowded.
All renders were taken from akira toryamas art book, to get the hand colored style. If someone wants the .psd, just leave a message:
Dragonball Origin (Illustrated)
Version 1:

Version 2: [details=Spoiler]



Holy cow, your stick artwork looks amazing!
I don’t want the .psd since I have someone working on my stick artwork already but you should really sell it for some dollarinos


@ishihara Version 2 looks better. After seeing version 2, version 1 looks incomplete… nice work btw…


I’ve just bought a new lime green fight stick. I’m not too sure what I’m using for the art, but I’m not too certain where to start either with it being so bright and a lot of art colours would clash I imagine?
Thanks for any help


Cant go wrong with black, if you post the image you want to use i can make it black with white/green outlines for the characters or whatever is in it, to contrast with the case.


Haven’t really thought of what I’m putting on yet, but essentially going an xbox scheme?
How would you advise I use a character like ssj blue vegito or something similar


Thinking on making DBFZ artwork for my Razer Atrox I got on sale 2 weeks ago. Just need to find a computer to do it on since I’m mostly phone based and have to update things with my mom’s comp once in a blue moon.


Not sure, light blue on light green is just weird. And if you make them b&w you dont even know they are the blue ones… so i dont know.


That’s what I was thinking, white and black cases are much easier to design for… :persevere:


You could always just say you’re a Seahawks fan with the blue and light green color scheme. Just add a tint of grey.


Threw something together quick-like yesterday