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i need some artwork, anyone willing to help

Recent commission for a local Utah player. I am open for more commissions.
You can see more of my stuff at if you’re interested.



Had Arcadia Customs help me design some artwork for a stick I’m building.


Recent commission from a client

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So whats the best PS4 stick right now? are Sanwa and Seimitsu still the kings? I still have my 150$ HRAP PS3 stick. Too bad i cant use it with PS4 (without a converter).

Yeah pretty much.

As far as looking for a stick there is a thread decided to it. What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting


Recent Commisions
Always professional and** High Quality Designs **// Slots Open -Message for Rates // Click for Portfolio


Some more designs that I haven’t shown here.

Kyo Madcatz Tournament Edition.

Alisa TE2

Chun-li Venom/Mayflash F500

Avengers Panzer Hitbox

SFV Ken Qanba Dragon

Juri Venom/Mayflash F500

SSJ Vegeta HRAP4

Camilla Qanba Obsidian

Always open for more work so if interested, PM me for details about pricing and portfolio.




I bought a Razer Panthera a few weeks ago and I’ll want to change the artwork soon. The control panel in the upper center is a bit of a constraint and I don’t want a big black rectangle in the middle of a colorful artwork.
That’s why I’ve tried my hand on a monochrome artwork this time, featuring Elphelt from GG Xrd.

For the buttons I’d probably go with the stock black buttons and white plungers (I still have 8 white buttons lying around) and a black shaft (or maybe a white one?) and black balltop.


Man, I’m so happy these forums are back online. <3

Hi guys. I have this stick, except I modded it to the type N version layout. Might be blowing into the wind here, but does anybody have a blank copy of this artwork that I can pop onto a type N template?

Thanks for any help!


final product client sent me

I’m looking for a commission. For the following case. If you pm me with a price I’ll take a look at your current work and message you back.

Feel like it would look better with a clear dust washer, shaft cover, and light blue bubble ball top or maybe white to keep with the white theme. But its there stick so I won’t judge it too much. Great artwork as always.

Maybe try out grey plungers if the white ones don’t work out or maybe go with those new Sanwa metallic gunmetal buttons/balltop. That’ll fit Elphelt character pretty well.

Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t aware that the gunmetal buttons and balltop were even a thing, they look gorgeous.
Is focusattack the only shop that offers the gunmetal parts? I think I’ll order the artwork and plexi from tek-innovations again (ordered from both and I’m way happier with tek-innovations).

Are these buttons from Arcadeshock the gunmetal you mentioned? The pictures look a bit different from the ones on focusattack.

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