The NEW Official Arcade Stick Art Thread NO IMAGE QUOTING!

Hey I have a quick question if anyone knows on the arthobbies templates if anyone uses them.

Are the marked button holes on the template the size of the part that fits into the stick or do they extend to the very edge of the buttons little border lip?
I mean if a design is used around the buttons how much of it gets cut off. Take Fife’s design above, Would the white circle design around the buttons be covered a bit by the button border at all?

Hole the bottom of Button goes into.

the circle covers only size of the hole that you would cut in order to insert the buttons, not the edge of the buttons. it would be covered a slight bit.

Thank you much jdm and drop, was figuring that was the case but wanted to be sure :slight_smile:

Anyone know what size the TE allan key screws are myne are getting striped and i need new ones. I need to know sizing and its the marvel 3 TE if it matters, thanks!

This is the thread you are looking for:

Presented without comment.
Except for the comment that you really have no dignity.

Will they have it at like canadian tire or home depot?

Doing a simple upgrade art, for a Chun Li TE-S.

I know a lot can be done here, but just don’t have the photoshop skills for it yet.

oh really? whoops.

Granted I haven’t been to this thread in months

3mm Allen Wrench/Hexkey is the perfect fit. And Allen Wrenches/Hexkeys should be available at Home Depot, Lowes, a Local Hardware store, and Walmart.

Also these types of questions should not be asked in the Arcade Stick artwork thread. Try asking the in the noobie thread link that was suggested above.

Something I made for Third Strike Online :smiley:

Whewre can i get the artwork template with the redline… stick is a TE

Check the first post under Art Templates.

Can someone help me. I need a Wesker template for this type of joystick.

Uploaded with

Go here:

Here’s my first attempt at throwing something together. Any suggestions would be welcome!

EDIT: Forgot to thank d3v for the base template on this one. Sorry!

For your first time, that amazing!!

@Dee Mee Tree - I don’t mean to be a party pooper but before you get an infraction, edit your post and delete the artwork picture off. You’re not allowed to quote pictures.

@Taikoubou - Very nice artwork as your first. In fact, I could almost recommend it to a friend for their stick. Nice job!

Not bad, I like d3v’s/neoblood’s Blazblue base. I’d suggest changing the paragraph on the bottom left, the text neoblood put in there is all Blazblue.
Also wouldn’t hurt to thank the guy who made the base template you’re using.