The NEW Official Arcade Stick Art Thread NO IMAGE QUOTING!


Wanted to do a tasky design for a while… i needed to design something new for myself so im going to put this one on my TE.

im going to change the background on it for sure, but i dont know what im going to do.


That task design is pretty awesome, Drop


closest i ever got was that my template was on a Q4 used on the MVC3 stream at evo


Just looking for ideas and some tips so I can expand on this concept.
Thanks in advance.


Not exactly sure if this is the best place to ask this question, but is there anyone here who can do a custom art for my fightstick?


There’s a thread for that, but it’s in another randomly located place. Here it is, though. :slight_smile:



DISCLAIMER: I do NOT condone the liberal use of the slang “swag”.


Where’d ya get that awesomesauce Juri pic!




Still a work in progress


Or do you prefer Pepsi?


I love the simplicity I’m just not a soda-drinker lol


nice work Soothsayer, What did you do for that jill background? Your own design? I like how you took the two different MVC3 jill arts so that they match each other. Your akuma one I liked better previously. The complete lack of color in the new design isn’t my favorite. The greyscale background almsot needs that one spot of color like what you have going on with the jill background to catch your eye.

I see we have a few Juri fans in this thread. I look forward to seeing what people do with her new SFxT art. I might make one with whoever I end up partnering her with. (Poison/Chun/Cammy/Vega being the likely candidates.)


Bold= No but a friends, he let me use it, didn’t know til after I used it though to be frank :slight_smile:
Italic/Underline= Yeah, but the guy was colorblind and that’s what he wanted, No color :stuck_out_tongue: I liked my second design but he said he liked the first better. Oh well :slight_smile:


Hey well as long as the owner of the stick is happy it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks :stuck_out_tongue: Bummer about him being colorblind. I had a friend who played starcraft and he couldn’t see the color red. Nuclear strikes were quite fun against him.

Btw soothsayer, I am curious what you have on your own stick at the moment. I didn’t see it in the post your stick thread. And nothing came up when I used the search. You have done some great work so I was interested in seeing which you prefer for yourself.


There’s a game I need to start playing again, I’ve been playing too much League, Photoshop and Xbox Live Dashboard. Bane of some people’s existence Nucle-Nuclear Launch-Nuc-Nuc-Nucle-Nuclear Launch Detected.
As for my stick I have some Vergil art and Plexi but Lizardlick is being a bunch of little tards who haven’t shipped my parts out yet so I’m waiting on those until I take pictures :stuck_out_tongue: when I’m confident in my own abilities I’ll slap my own art on there


Speaking of eightarc, i didn’t see a proper template in the front for the ISO fusion, the one from their site is actually a single layer and that kind of does not help me at all when it comes to me actually putting art on it, any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:


I may have gone off the deep end with this one… As beautiful a game as Heavy Rain though, there sure aren’t many hi res screens


if it’s like one flat layer with the dimensions and button holes or whatever, post it here. it should be an easy ficks.


what you looking for? Pm me