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Correction, 72ppi is for web based content. 300ppi is the standard for any printing job.

@JonMcBon why is the circle button orange?

Obviously, because 72ppi is the maximum pixels a monitor have per inch, if a monitor cant show more than 72 pixels per inch, you only are wasting size data in a image, and 300 is good, not the standard just good for printing not so big images, in fact you cant tell a diference of an image of 150ppi and another at 300 ppi…for the naked eye, just with a magnifier glass.

Anyone have a layout for Madcatz Soulcalibur V soul edition???

Sure if you’re in control of the printer’s settings but most places will use 300dpi. A 20x20 inch picture at 150ppi does not equal a 20x20 inch picture at 300ppi

hey i know this is probably a really stupid question but if i already have a DIY kit, would i be able to completely gut my Madcatz TE stick and place it all in the DIY kit. there shouldnt be a reason why i wouldnt be able to right?

correct. as long you mount the pcbs properly and you have ample clearance you’re good to go.

This is the wrong place to ask that. You should be asking that here: Absolute Question and Answer Thread (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

But in short you can. You will need to either keep the turbo panel or rewire the guide button to a different button in the new case.

Yes just put it up for everyone. So the template is now available.
V.S. Template coming soon:tup:

you are my hero!!!

appreciate the help

Which one to choose? Can’t decide?
BTW: I would change the dustcover to clear!

I would make the ball top another color. i think i like A the most but I would add like a swirl brush stroke underneath instead of splatter

C with a black ball top

I would go with B with a Green or Yellow Balltop

A with a yellow balltop

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but is there a place with all the stock arts? I just want to swap out my brawl stick’s art with the original sf4 SE one.

Nobody has made anything featuring the two best characters from SFXTekken, so without further introduction…

I used KaboXx’s wonderful Kuma/Zangief template as the base for this. Not actually going to use it on any current sticks, but you never know, somebody might want to troll Mega Man fans even more.

Does anyone have an SE template or know where I can find one?

first page

For when my Brawlstick comes in. Was thinking about moving the background image down to show the SEES band. But his head’s cut off so it looked weird. Making the image bigger works, but I didn’t like it so much.

You mean the actual image you’re using has the top of his head cut off? Why not lower the background so enough of his face is below the line, then cut out what spills over above and below the lines so it’s a horizontal band across the stick?

Can someone give me some feedback on my first stick art? Made it for a friend. I’ve been using Photoshop for about a day so let me have it. Starting to think I shouldn’t have posterized Dormammu quite so much, it’s making the flames look like they’re covered in copy/paste artifacts.